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NT Considers Giving Police New Powers To Lock Up Young People Found On Streets At Night

The Northern Territory Government is considering giving police new powers to take young people off the streets at night and lock them up until their parents pick them up, a Country Liberals backbencher says. In the face of new crime statistics that showed house break-ins and motor-vehicle theft were up in Darwin and Palmerston, Member for Blain Nathan Barrett said he wanted to toughen laws targeting young people known to police who are out on the streets at night.

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Get Off Facebook and Help Us, NT Police Tell Alice Springs Residents

Get off Facebook and help us: that is the message from NT Police to people complaining about crime. Frustrated NT Police have urged Alice Springs residents to stop complaining about crime on social media and help them by reporting incidents using traditional methods.

During a recent spike in youth crime, Alice Springs residents posted on social media about things they had observed rather than notify police, Acting Assistant NT Police Commissioner Kate Vanderlaan said.

She said participation in the Alice Springs Neighbourhood Watch program had waned in recent years, but said police were recruiting new members.

Vanderlaan said: “Be part of the community rather than be negative towards things that are going on.”

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Mechanic Sentenced To Three Years Prison For Manufacturing Meth

An Alice Springs mechanic with an ice habit and an $8000 drug debt was caught red-handed manufacturing the volatile substance in a SodaStream bottle when police knocked on his door. Neil Murray Watson, 34, was on bail for cooking a traffickable amount of methamphetamine when detectives raided his house and found him doing exactly the same thing – but with a commercial amount. Watson was sentenced to three years in prison with 18 months non parole, backdated to December 23, 2014, to allow for time on remand.

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No Evidence of Crystal Methamphetamine In Remote Central Australian Communities

Northern Territory Police say the drug “ice” is yet to make it into remote communities, but service organisations are preparing for the worst. Despite persistent rumours suggesting crystal methamphetamine had made it into remote Central Australian communities, Northern Territory police said this week there was no such evidence and there had been no confirmed methamphetamine-related offences.

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Richard Bryson Demoted To NT Police Force Superintendent

Richard Bryson has had his position as Commander of the Northern Territory Police Force terminated, but he will return to the rank of superintendent. At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Commissioner Reece Kershaw announced that investigations had determined that Mr Bryson had failed to declare a conflict of interest, which breached the Northern Territory Police Force’s Code of Conduct.

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Crime Sprees End In High Speed Police Chases Across Darwin

At least four cars were stolen with thieves leading police on “a number of (high speed) pursuits” before an offender set fire to a fifth vehicle in Darwin overnight.

The crime spree follows our report which revealed an alarming increase in property crime across the Top End.

Official crime statistics from NT Police show motor vehicle thefts in Darwin and Palmerston increased a total of 35.3 per cent from 1269 to 1717 in the year to March 31, 2015.

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Permament Blue Line: NT Police To Maintain Bottle Shop Watch

Police will remain in Katherine bottle shops as government confirms the temporary bottle shop beats will become ‘permanent beat locations’.

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Peter Chandler has confirmed officers will not be removed from Katherine bottle shops when the current temporary beat location (TBL) trial ends in June.

Under the program police are stationed at bottle shops to check the Identification of the alcohol purchasers to ensure they have a place (residence) to drink the alcohol. The aim has been to stop drinking in public places and parks and has resulted in a dramatic decreased in antisocial behaviour in the town.

Public pressure has been mounting on the Northern Territory government to keep the TBLs after the overwhelming success of the six-month trial, and Mr Chandler said on Thursday they would become a permanent fixture in the town’s battle against alcohol-fuelled antisocial behaviour…

Source: www.fairfieldchampion.com.au

Spread Of Methamphetamine Wipes Out Other Drugs From Market, NT Police Say

Crystal methamphetamine has such a strong grip on the Territory other drugs have almost completely disappeared from the market, police say. Deputy Commissioner Mark Payne said with the exception of cannabis, the explosive growth of crystal meth – or ice – had seen it absorb all other hard drug markets in the Territory…

Source: www.news.com.au

A “Genius” Left Behind Licence Plate After Ramming Police Station Front Doors

A “genius” left their number plate behind after driving their ute through the front doors of a police station on Friday night.

The dark blue Ford Falcon Utility was driven through the front doors of the Harts Range police station, 120km northeast of Alice Springs, at about 10pm.

Police are searching for a 42-year-old man who was reportedly agitated and driving in a reckless manner earlier in the night.

Source: www.ntnews.com.au

What You Need To Know About Northern Territory Police’s Trial of Body-worn Video Cameras

Last December, Northern Territory police began a three-month trial of body-worn cameras recording high-definition video and audio. The trial has now been extended to 30 June 2015.

The officers have unrestricted powers to record wherever they go in the course of their duties, including public spaces as well as private places such as homes and offices.

Police say the front-mounted digital cameras will help improve police transparency, reduce paperwork, and supply useful evidence to the courts.

Use of the cameras in policing is an emerging trend both in Australia and overseas.

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