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Police Link Canberra Drug Run To NSW Man’s Murder

A 46-year-old man charged with the murder of John Gasovski was meant to travel to Canberra to collect drugs with the Sydney man before he died. Sydney businessman John Gasovski was in line to pocket $5000 for an interstate drug run before he was shot in an execution-style killing last year, police will allege.

It will be alleged Mr Gasovski was involved in buying glassware to make drugs prior to his death. A series of raids as part of the organised crime squad drug investigation unearthed drug labs and an array of substances in Sydney last year.

Source: www.sbs.com.au

Maitland NSW Addicts Pay For Meth With Sex

Ice addiction is driving people in the Maitland area to trade the drug for sexual favours online.

Mercury investigation has uncovered a classified advertisement website where people refer to ice as “sweet puff”.

There were more than 100 listings for puff in the Hunter Region on the website in a two month period, most too explicit to print.

Website users from the Hunter Valley stated they had “sweet puff” and “wikid shards” for sale.

The posts from website users in Maitland were more salacious, with many looking for a “puff and play” which refers to a sexual encounter swapped for ice.

“It is illegal to possess and use drugs however you pay for them,” Central Hunter crime manager Detective Inspector John Zdrilic said.

“I have heard there are websites like this that exist, but I have not received any reports of them.

“We have a cyber crime unit which looks at those things and is constantly looking and reviewing sites engaging in criminal activity.”

Inspector Zdrilic said the primary concern with such websites was the possession and supply of illicit drugs.

“The other side of it would be more significant if it involved a child,” he said.

“But what people do with their own bodies, is their business.”

The findings point to a bigger issue – an ice epidemic.

Source: www.maitlandmercury.com.au

Police Officer To Ride For The Fallen From Sydney To Canberra

Constable James Ghata is taking part in the 300km Police Legacy Ride from Sydney to Canberra on a “fat bike”, to raise money for the family of fallen police officers. It is a cause close to his heart, after witnessing the murder of his duty officer in 2012.

Source: www.bluemountainsgazette.com.au

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner on Speeding and Drug Driving

Speed continues to be the biggest killer on the Shoalhaven’s roads. The NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn, who as one of her duties oversees the operation of the Highway Patrol, was in the Shoalhaven on Friday as part of a whistlestop tour of the region and revealed speeding continues to be the biggest killer on the region’s roads…

Source: www.southcoastregister.com.au

NSW Police Shortage Is Spelled Out

We must always keep community pressure up for 24/7 policing of the Bay and Basin and additional police officers for our Shoalhaven Local Area Command. In the April 2015 edition of the NSW Police News, the official journal of the Police Association of NSW, the president of the Police Association Scott Weber said:

“However, we need urgent action on police numbers in Wagga and Nowra which are both desperately short-staffed … “

Source: www.southcoastregister.com.au

Sydney Police injured shutting down a large party

A policeman was hit and injured by a broken bottle and another was assaulted as officers battled to close down a large party in Sydney’s east.

At about 10.30pm on Saturday police were called to an abandoned industrial area on McPherson Street in Botany and for safety reasons attempted to close down a party there attended by around 1000 people…

Source: au.news.yahoo.com