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NT Police Car Sideswiped By Road Train While Attending Car Crash At Coolalinga

A Northern Territory Police car has been sideswiped by a road train while attending a car accident about 2km before Coolalinga on Thursday morning. St John Ambulance spokesman Craig Garraway said a vehicle with a trailer had jackknifed on the Stuart Highway. It then left the road.

An NT Police spokesman said while officers were attending the incident, their parked vehicle was sideswiped by a road train.

“A little while ago another truck has rear-ended yet another vehicle at the scene,” they said.

Seven vehicles in total have been damaged but there were minor injuries.

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Northern Territory Police and Insurance Company Expecting Spike In Crime Across Darwin

Crime Stoppers and Neighbourhood Watch are expecting a spike in break-ins during the upcoming school holidays, as insurance company TIO begs its policy holders to tighten security around their homes.

Property crime rates have soared recently, with a 72 per cent increase in the first quarter of the year. Car thefts are also up 29 per cent.

NT Police Senior Constable Tracy-Dale Middleton said many people were not even taking basic precautions.

Opposition Leader Michael Gunner laid the blame for the spike in property crime on the Government’s failure to deliver a promised 150 new police.

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NT Police Search For ‘Vigilante’

Northern Territory police are looking for a man they believe was involved in a revenge attack over the fatal shooting of a Darwin man.

Police are seeking Alfred Walker, 40, over an incident that occurred on Saturday night.

It followed the death that morning of Fabian Brock, 25 who was shot in the head while behind the wheel of his car.

“We’d like to speak to Mr Walker in relation to taking matters into his own hands” and seeking retribution over Mr Brock’s death, detective Acting Superintendent Lee Morgan told reporters on Wednesday.

“He’s pretty difficult to locate which is why we’ve gone public, to encourage him to come forward.”

Police believe Mr Walker is still in the Darwin area.

It is believed that on Saturday night Mr Walker and Shayne Robert Mulhall, 33, visited a Palmerston home and threatened its occupants over Mr Brock’s shooting.

During a raid on Monday night police arrested Mulhall, who appeared in the Darwin Magistrates Court on Wednesday on charges of aggravated assault, going armed in public and unlawfully entering a home.

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Local Parents Seek To Empower Children In the Face of Stranger Danger

Northern Territory parents are asking self-defence experts to teach their kids how to protect themselves following a spate of suspicious approaches to children by men in cars.

Two children were encouraged into two different cars outside Parap Primary and Dripstone Middle School, and there was a third case where a Darwin Middle school student was followed and beeped at.

Krav Maga instructor Adam Gulla said he had noticed a rise in parents asking him to teach their children about self-defence.

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Drugs Involved In Darwin Shooting: Police

Northern Territory police have confirmed that drugs were involved in the fatal shooting of a Darwin man.

Fabian Brock, 25, was shot in the head while behind the wheel of a car on Union Terrace near Lee Point at 2.30am on Saturday.

One man known to Mr Brock has been arrested over that revenge attack during a raid on a home in Palmerston on Monday night.

During the raid, police arrested a second man, seized four guns, half a kilo of cannabis and a car they believe was involved in Mr Brock’s shooting.

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New Car Search Powers For NT Police To Focus On Ice And Other Drugs

Under new proposed legislation, the NT Police will be able to search cars on declared “drug transit routes” in an attempt to staunch the flow of ice.

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Adam Giles announced the proposed changes to the Misuse of Drugs Act, which would permit police to declare main arterial roads such as the Stuart, Barkly or Victoria Highways drug transit routes for 14 days, and then stop and search cars they suspect of carrying drugs without a warrant.

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NT Police Seize Weapons To Quell Growing Unrest After Shooting

Police have seized a cache of weapons as they move to quell growing unrest between rival groups in the aftermath of Saturday’s callous drive-by shooting of young father Fabian Brock.

A silver Holden Commodore with a spray from a shotgun blast on the driver’s side was also seized by police during the operation in Driver.

Two men were arrested in the raid after what’s believed to have been a revenge attack following Mr Brock’s death from an apparent shotgun blast.

Detective Acting Superintendent Lee Morgan said last night’s arrests were not directly related to the killing of Mr Brock.

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Police, Territory Response Group Officers Arrest Man After Palmerston Feud Turns Violent

Police, including TRG officers, arrested a 25-year-old man at a house in Giraween on Saturday afternoon after a feud in Palmerston became violent.

Detective Acting Superintendent Lee Morgan said police believe there was a connection between a stabbing at house in Mahony Circuit in Palmerston at 9pm on Friday and the hit-and-run ramming of a car in Palmerston at about 11.30am yesterday.

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Darwin Teen Posts Photo On Facebook Smoking Bong While Wearing Stolen Police Cap

A teenager should be expecting a visit from police after posting a picture on his Facebook page of him allegedly smoking a bong and flipping the bird while wearing a stolen Northern Territory Police cap.

He’s also wearing sunglasses in what seems an attempt to hide his identity.

Dylan Clifton, believed to be 16, made the image his profile picture on Facebook last week.

It’s believed he may have stolen the cap from the back seat of a police car earlier this month.

Several of his peers commented on the photo, including two labelling him the “maddest c—”. 

Another told him he was “just stupid bro”, and True Blue Line would like to thank him for making the Police job easier by incriminating himself, confessing, demonstrating possession of stolen Police property and the use and possession of controlled substance on public medium such as Facebook. Every time a criminal makes a job easier for the Police is a win to the community,

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Ed: posted from the incriminate-yourself-department.

Police Broker Peace Between Rebels and Comanchero Biker Gangs

Negotiations between senior police and powerbrokers of the Rebels and Comanchero bikie gangs have stopped a simmering feud – involving vicious bashings, shootings and firebombings across Melbourne and Darwin – from escalating into a nation-wide war.

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