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Push for a New NSW Police Station In Inverell

Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall, has stepped up his campaign for improved law and order facilities in Inverell, using a speech in State Parliament to call on the NSW Government to construct a new 24-hour police station and install modern audio visual technology in the town’s local court house. Continue reading Push for a New NSW Police Station In Inverell

Lake Macquarie Gets $12.2M for Police Stations

Belmont’s status and security will be boosted with the new police headquarters being built in the town, residents say.

The state government allocated $12.2million in Monday’s state budget to new police stations in Lake Macquarie in 2015-16.

A big chunk of this money will be used to complete the Belmont project, which is under construction.

Belmont and District Residents’ Action Group president Robin Gordon said the town was delighted and grateful.

‘‘It will helps the town’s status and potential,’’ Ms Gordon said. ‘‘It is a step forward.’’

Ms Gordon said the town would welcome the security of a bigger police station.

She added that Belmont had missed a police presence, since construction began.

‘‘We do get ongoing trouble,’’ she said.

Officials from Police Minister Troy Grant’s office said the $12.2million was for police stations in Belmont, Morisset and Toronto.

The total cost of these stations was estimated to be $29.1million, the budget papers said.

The Newcastle Herald reported in May that a $2 million police station was planned at Morisset.

The project involves demolishing the old station and building a new one.

A renovation of Toronto police station is also planned.

The works should provide a much better working environment for police.

Police Association officials have complained for years about poor conditions in Lake Macquarie police stations.

Meanwhile, the budget papers allocated $20.6million to complete the $89.7million new court complex at Civic.

Additionally, fire stations at Lambton and Maryland were due to be completed in 2016.

The Lambton station will get $1.5million in 2015-16 to complete the $4.6million project.

As for the $3.6million Maryland station, $2.7million will be spent on it in 2015-16.

New fire stations at Abermain and Murrurundi were listed to be started this year and completed in 2017.

About $350,000 will be spent on the Abermain station in 2015-16, with the total cost estimated to be $1million.

Murrurundi’s station will cost $920,000, with $270,000 allocated in 2015-16.

Across the state, Mr Grant said $100million would go towards a ‘‘Policing for Tomorrow Fund’’ over four years.

This would include tablet computers for frontline officers, mobile fingerprint scanners and hand-held drug testing machines.

Roadside drug testing in the Hunter had been catching numerous offenders in recent times.

The police budget included $3.7 million for “the continued rollout of body-worn video cameras for frontline police officers”.

Source: www.theherald.com.au

New Police Station Plan for Morisset, Lake Macquarie Local Area Command

A $2 million police station is planned at Morisset, documents lodged with Lake Macquarie City Council show. The plan includes demolishing the old station and building a new one. The new station would include officers from the Lake Macquarie Local Area Command, Police Transport Command, State Protection Group and Dog Unit, the documents said.

Source: www.theherald.com.au