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Toowoomba Police Urge Residents To ‘Break The Ice’


Is there something strange going on in your neighbourhood?

Vehicles attending an address for a short time on a regular basis? Vehicles not usually seen coming down a street or road that is not usually used?

Something as simple as writing down a registration or description of a person assist police.

If you see your local police, why not ‘Break the Ice’ with a conversation. Any information is kept confidential.

Alternatively contact Crime Stopper sand help police prevent offenders coming into your area.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.

Police Face Extreme Violence From Methamphetamine Users

The ice scourge is fuelling ­escalating attacks on our police, with almost three-quarters of officers assaulted on the job in the past three years.

The drug is having a dangerous impact on front-line members, making criminals more violent and giving them “superhuman” strength.

In one instance, seven officers were needed to restrain a suspect high on the drug. Even capsicum spray is often ineffective.

Police Association of Victoria research, based on the responses of more than 3500 serving members, shows 90 per cent believe violence towards them has increased since 2012 — and 80 per cent feel more vulnerable and at risk. In recent cases:

  • An ice addict put a policeman going to the aid of a paramedic in hospital for a week with head injuries;
  • Glass fragments injured an officer’s eye when hurled at him after a soccer match;
  • Four male offenders pushed two policewomen to the ground and assaulted them while trying to escape cells at a suburban police station;
  • dog handler required hospital treatment when hit in the head with a piece of timber thrown from a balcony during a standoff.

Victoria Police said in a statement: “The unpredictable and often violent side-effects of ice use means our officers are being regularly confronted with dangerous situations during the course of their duties.

“While our members accept inherent risks involved in protecting the community, it is not acceptable for anyone to be assaulted at work.”

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Source: www.news.com.au

Queensland Police Seize Firearms And Drugs After Accidentally Raiding The Wrong House

Police startled an elderly couple and their autistic son after they accidentally raided their home when trying to bust a man linked to the Bandidos bikie gang.
The family were shaken by the incident and then watched as the police headed next door where they seized drugs estimated to be worth $26,000, weapons and $12,000 in cash.
Police told The Courier-Mail they “inadvertently went to a neighbouring address” and later went back to apologise to the family.
“Senior police attended and met with the residents of the neighbouring property and apologised on behalf of the service.”, a police spokesman said.
Despite the setback, three people were charged after the raid which allegedly netted ice (methamphetamines), steroids, cannabis, a weapon understood to be a BB gun, a taser disguised as a mobile phone, a telescopic baton, and stolen audio visual equipment.

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Source: www.couriermail.com.au

Ed: only a minor setback in the Major Doorkickers League 🙂 Good job QPS taking the drugs and firearms off our streets.

Minister for Police Troy Grant and Commissioner Andrew Scipione Visit Bowral Police Station

Drug use in the Highlands and plans for a new police station were a high priority for leading police representatives during a visit to Bowral Police Station.

Minister for Police and Deputy Premier Troy Grant visited the station with Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione on Wednesday.

Mr Grant said he was impressed by the men and women at Bowral Police Station who were “extraordinarily proud to serve this community”.

He said their work and dedication was reflected in the region’s statistics.

“The crime statistics in this area are incredibly positive, and we have local police who care about the community,” he said.

The $14.85 million dollar police station project proposed for the Southern Highlands is still in the planning stage.

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Source: www.southernhighlandnews.com.au

The Ice Town Where Meth Use Is So Rampant It Has Been Nicknamed the ‘South Pole’

A disturbing interim report into methamphetamine use has revealed Australians consume more ice than any other country.

But the residents of one central New South Wales town aren’t prepared to wait for the National Ice Taskforce to act. They’re taking matters into their own hands.

The ice scourge is so bad in Wellington, population 4540, it has earned the nicknamed the South Pole.

“We all walk past drug dealers every day. You know, we’re related to drug dealers, we have associations with them, we love — we love our people … we just don’t love what they do,” Wellington Land Council’s Leanne Stanley told ABC’s 7.30.

“We’ve just become immune to it and that it’s not something that — it’s not like, ‘Oh, my goodness!,’ a big deal. It’s like, ‘Oh, there’s a syringe.’ Go and grab a bottle, what have you, to pick it up.”

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Source: www.dailytelegraph.com.au

Police Powers Set To Get Boost To Deal With Methamphetamine Crisis

Police powers to seize drug dealers’ cash and assets are in line for a boost as politicians grapple with a nationwide upsurge in ice addiction.
The National Ice Taskforce presented its interim report to the Council of Australian Governments meeting on Thursday, after spending two months consulting stakeholders around the country.
Researchers have found more Australians use ice and methamphetamine than any other nationality – a title the government is eager to let go.
The taskforce recommended a national co-operative strategy for seizing money and assets from drug dealers, rather than the current state-by-state system.
It also proposed increasing local communities’ ability to respond to ice addiction through stronger support for grass-level intervention and treatment services.

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Source: www.ballinaadvocate.com.au

Impact of Meth a Major Focus of New South Wales Police Top Brass Tour

The frightening impact of ice has been rammed home as a major issue of concern during a top brass tour of regional police stations.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and Deputy Premier Troy Grant visited Dubbo, Mudgee, Parkes, Forbes, Temora, Wagga Wagga, Goulburn, Bowral and Nowra this week in the latest leg of a statewide consultation with front line officers and command teams.

“The tour has been looking at the issues impacting on police and the challenges they are facing,” Mr Grant said on Wednesday.

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Source: www.mudgeeguardian.com.au

Police Link Victoria Knife Crime To Methamphetamine Users

Ice users are increasing arming themselves with weapons including knives and guns, Victoria’s top cop says.

Victoria Police chief commissioner Graham Ashton said he believed increased knife crime throughout the state was linked to the prevalence of the drug.

“Ice users are increasingly arming themselves, and our members are pulling them up with guns in their cars. I certainly see it as a bit of an issue at the moment,” Mr Ashton told 3AW on Thursday.

Source: www.dailytelegraph.com.au

Melbourne Methamphetamine Dealer Posted Ad On Classifieds Website

A Melbourne man who allegedly used an online classifieds website to spruik and sell the drug ice has been arrested by police.

Investigators from the Mill Park Divisional Response Unit came across the ad and launched an investigation to find the trafficker. 

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Source: www.smh.com.au

New South Wales Central Coast Police Locate Shotgun Discarded After Pursuit

A man is accused of discarding a sawn-off shotgun after a Central Coast police pursuit ended with him allegedly in possession of the drug ice and 59 rounds of ammunition.

Police sped to Watanobbi on Sunday morning after receiving several triple-0 reports of a man walking along Casey Drive with what was described as a pump-action shotgun…

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Source: www.theherald.com.au