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Australian Federal Police HQ In Melbourne Sold for $70m

Investa Office Fund, the listed arm of the wider Investa platform, has seized the uplift from Melbourne’s buoyant CBD development market, selling the Australian Federal Police headquarters at 383 La Trobe Street for $70.7 million to a buyer thought to be from Asia.

The four-storey building, refurbished in 2008, is leased in its entirety to the Australian Federal Police. However that tenancy ends in two years’ time with no option to extend currently in place.

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In the Shadows: The Moonee Ponds Police Shooting

A Special Operations Group officer once remarked he felt his job was safe compared to police on the road doing routine patrols. “We do our homework and we control the situation. Out on the street anything can happen,” he said. He said the closest he came to serious injury was as a young constable when a man pulled a knife on him on a railway station.

On Tuesday about 3.40am a  31-year-old First Constable was shot in the head attempting to pull over a suspect car, the sort of event that happens hundreds of times a day.

Read more for the analysis of the event and possible links to gangland war in The Age.

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Victoria Police Officer In Hospital After A Hit And Run In Melbourne

A Victoria Police officer has been taken to hospital after being struck by a motorbike he had pulled over, in a hit-run incident at Vermont in Melbourne’s east.

The officer had just intercepted a red and white motorbike at the intersection of Canterbury Road and Mitcham Road in Vermont at 8:00pm and was approaching the rider when he took off.

The rider hit the officer and ran a red light as he sped away.

The policeman was taken to hospital with bruising and swelling.

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Rioting Prisoners Cause $10,000,000 Destruction Bill, Blow Hole In Victoria State Budget

Fire crews today responded to another small fire at the Metropolitan Remand Centre after a Tuesday riot left a $10m damage bill.

Five trucks rushed to the Ravenhall prison, according to reports, before a cell fire was contained just before lunchtime.

The prison was overrun by rioting prisoners just after midday on Tuesday, destroying about $10 million of property.

Rioting prisoners are protesting about smoking bans, which came into effect yesterday.

Acting Premier James Merlino has declared those responsible for the damage would “feel the full force of the law” and three investigations would be held: a police investigation, a Corrections Victoria investigation and an independent review from former Deputy Police Commissioner Kieran Walshe.

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Victoria Police Officer Pinned By Car In Melbourne, Treated In Hospital

Two men have been arrested and police are searching for two more after a Melbourne constable was pinned between a car and his van. The constable is being treated in hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

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Two Guns a Day Found In Melbourne’s North

Guns are being found in Melbourne’s northwest suburbs every two days in what Victoria Police acknowledge is an alarming trend.

Long arms, handguns and homemade firearms are being seized by police in increasing numbers in Broadmeadows, Sunshine and Melton and other suburbs.

Police are also recording a firearms incident every six days, including seizure of weapons, armed robberies or shootings, according to North West Metro region acting Commander Mick Hermans.

Victoria Police resources have been reallocated to deal with the influx of weapons in northwest suburbs, which are already typically over represented in crime.

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Melbourne Tram Barrier That Speared Through Police Van Lacked Reflectors, Unions Claim

A tram pedestrian barrier that speared through a police divisional van — leaving one officer critically injured — lacked reflectors to help emergency workers see it, it’s claimed. The Herald Sun has been told a bright yellow bollard at the end of the barrier, fitted with reflectors, was removed during reconstruction works less than a fortnight ago.

It’s also unclear whether there were reflectors along the barrier.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union divisional secretary Phil Altieri said the bollard, which helped people spot the barrier from afar, was removed during works over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

“If it was there the chances of this accident happening I’m sure would be less,’’ Mr Altieri said. “They have really botched that job.”

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Police Vehicle Crashes In Melbourne, Officers Injured

A police officer is fighting for his life after a car crash on Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD. Two officers were in the marked divisional van when it crashed into a pedestrian barrier at a tram stop between Federation Square and Flinders Street Station about 2.15am, Victoria Ambulance spokesman Paul Bentley said. Both officers were injured, one critically, when a 10-metre-long pole reportedly pierced the vehicle.

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The Desperate and Drug Affected Roll Through Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Saturdays

An ill wind blowing fallen leaves down Lonsdale St moans through the empty corridors at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

Usually, on weekdays, this court building would be a buzzing hive of lawyers, police officers and defendants appearing for mentions, pleas or preliminary hearings.

But today is a Saturday and — apart from a couple of clerks, two police prosecutors and a handful of young police informants — the building is eerily empty.

Court One is the only courtroom operating today, and every young teenage school kid should be here to witness the proceedings.

It is a day of cautionary tales about the perils of drug use, the repercussions of acting violently towards women, the importance of respecting authority and the ripple effect of wasting precious opportunities when they come your way.

It is also a sobering eye-opener as to the weird, wired, woeful, wild and downright dangerous people either living in or floating like flotsam through our suburbs and our city.

Opportunistic and dangerous, they belong to an element of society driven by drug use, desperation and anger.

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