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New Era In US Police Recruitment

The challenge of attracting new recruits to police forces in the US have only increased in recent times. 

They poach officers from nearby police departments. They entice recruits by playing up the drama and heroism of policing through video close-ups of flashing lights and holstered guns. They wrestle with how to offer better pay.

But most of all, cognisant of the recent turmoil over officer-involved deaths in Missouri, Baltimore and elsewhere, America’s police chiefs are looking for compassionate men and women who are in the field to do good.

Higher standards meant to attract better and broader educated candidates have sometimes turned away applicants, Wexler said.

Nearly one in four police officers work for a department that requires entry-level officers to have at least a two year college degree or military service, according to Justice Department statistics.

Among them: New York since 1996 and Philadelphia since 2013.

“At the very moment you’re trying to increase the requirements for police officers. You’re working to limit your base of who can become police officers,” Wexler said.

Police agencies that used to swing open their doors to a flood of applicants are turning to social media and slick online presentations like the Justice Department-backed Discoverpolicing.org to generate interest in a generation more apt to find excitement in technology-driven jobs than police work.

Read more in Yahoo News.

Source: au.news.yahoo.com

Thank Police Officers for Their Service

This country is certainly a great place to live. Better than anywhere else I can honestly consider. Part of what gives us these freedoms are the laws that we have and the people that enforce them, the police departments and the fine men and women that are part of what some call, “The thin, blue line.” Please try to understand just what those four small words really mean.

The next time you see a copy say thanks. He or she deserves your support and understanding. Same as anyone else fighting, here or abroad, to protect your liberty and life.

Read the full opinion in Ravalli Republic.

Source: ravallirepublic.com

Waco Police Blast CNN for Spreading Information ‘That May Have Been Incorrect’

Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton blasted CNN for putting as-yet unproven information out as verifiable fact. The news network posted a statement in an article earlier this week which asserted four of the nine people killed in Sunday’s shooting at Twin Peaks were killed by police officers.

Source: www.breitbart.com

Officers Deen and Tate: Police Lives Matter

Do the names Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate mean anything to you? They should. For some individuals, the lives of cops don’t really matter as much as the lives of those who are killed by cops, even when the killings are justified. If the story allows people to focus on racial divisions and conflicts between cops and citizens, they’re all in. If not — if the story is about good and decent people who dedicated their lives to the protection of others and died in the line of duty — they quickly move on to other things. It turns out that it’s the narrative, not the individual lives that matter. Except to those who loved Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate, those whose lives have now been shattered, those whose hearts have been torn into a million pieces…

Source: www.commentarymagazine.com

When Own Life’s In Danger, Officers Also Afraid Of Pre-Judged Media Headlines

Leading Senior Constable Kristy Milligan was pinned to the ground by a mentally ill 80-year old man who was attacking her with a meat cleaver.

Part of her protective vest had been hacked off by the man and her wrist had been injured with a large kitchen knife.

There is no doubt that Kristy’s life was in danger. And yet, the officer did not produce her weapon. Flashing before her mind were images of how it would play out in the media, how the headlines would read of a cop shooting an 80-year old man.

Source: www.2ue.com.au

Ed: support the police, reverse these trends now