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Night Owl Attacks and Causes Louisiana Police Officer To Crash His Vehicle


A Louisiana police officer on an overnight patrol was forced to ditch his cruiser after an owl attacked him.

Covington Officer Lance Benjamin was working early when he suddenly felt something hit him on the side of his face. Continue reading Night Owl Attacks and Causes Louisiana Police Officer To Crash His Vehicle

We Have An Active Shooter Here: Lafayette Theater 911 Calls and Radio


The urgent call went out across a police radio only minutes after gunfire erupted inside a Lafayette movie theatre: The suspect was inside an auditorium and had reloaded his gun.

“We have an active shooter here,” one officer said, calling for help from others with rifles. “Listen, we need everybody over here. Send anybody you got.”

“Take it easy,” another officer interjected. “Everybody is en route. We’re coming.”

Police radio transmissions released Thursday — a week after the rampage — show that John Russell Houser was dead within four minutes of a dispatcher broadcasting his bare-bones description: white male, white shirt, khaki shorts.

While many of the 911 callers appear to be out of breath, they also seemed remarkably collected as they relayed gruesome details of what the victims were wearing or where on their bodies were shot.

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Cop Killer Pleads Not Guilty To Shooting New Orleans Police Officer

Photo: Following officer Daryle Holloway’s shooting, there has been an outpouring of support for a man who was widely praised for his connections with the community.

A man who police say shot and killed a New Orleans officer despite being handcuffed in the back of a police vehicle while being taken to jail pleaded not guilty on Monday.

Travis Boys, 33, appeared before judge Karen Herman to enter a plea in connection with the death of officer Daryle Holloway. Boys wore a black bulletproof vest over orange coveralls and was flanked by two sheriff’s deputies as he sat and waited for his turn to enter a plea. He did not speak during the brief hearing.

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Police Lives Matter – Heartwarming Gesture Lifts Spirits Of Louisiana Officer

New Orleans, LA – Nine-year-old Jayden Witsell’s been obsessed with law enforcement for as long as his mom can remember.

“Always, always, his first Halloween costume, he was three. He wanted to be a police officer,” said Angelique Witsell.

Jayden’s daily attire consists of dark pants, shoes, police pins and a belt. On his belt, he sports a fake radio, handcuffs and a security badge. It’s as close to the real thing as he can do for now.

Still, Jayden wanted to find a way to show all law enforcement how much he respects them.

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