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Phishing: Safeguarding Yourself and Your Organisation’s Sensitive Data


Phishing is a type of social engineering, a way of getting into your private network that relies more on psychology and deception than traditional hacking that involves exploiting vulnerabilities in your security software. You can find a good introduction to phishing and social engineering on Wikipedia. If you need assistance with protecting your organization from nefarious phishing attacks, you could use the cyber security expertise of someone like Digital Defense. Continue reading Phishing: Safeguarding Yourself and Your Organisation’s Sensitive Data

UK Police Forces Increase Cybercrime Training, Striking Fear Against Fraudsters

Over 3,800 Police officers in Britain enrolled in cybercrime training, research from security specialists Veracode reveals. Offenders under the Computer Misuse Act should beware. Offenders under the Computer Misuse Act, and the Fraud Act,  should beware as Action Fraud is also training officers to spot criminals abusing access to websites so as to commit fraud. Statutes of limitation are very long, and the new training will strike fear into guilty parties who think that they have got away with previous offences.

Source: www.thecommentator.com

Interpol Opens New Singapore Headquarters In Bid To Target Cybercrime

Global police organisation Interpol yesterday formally opened a new office in Singapore that will provide additional support to law enforcers and boost the fight against internet-based criminal activities.

The new Interpol Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) will ensure that the agency is “best-placed to assist police forces around the world address emerging threats,” Jurgen Stock, Interpol’s secretary general, said.

Source: www.scmp.com