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Transcript: Police Minister’s Overview of Mt Isa Explosion Recovery

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services Jo-Ann Miller attended the Mount Isa City Council meeting to brief city councillors shortly before being interviewed by North West Star reporter Chris Burns.

The interview was held in the presence of Mount Isa State Member Rob Katter at the Community Recovery Centre. The interview was held Wednesday, meaning some information could be outdated. 

Chris Burns (North West Star journalist): Were drones scanning the crime scene? 

Minister Jo-Ann Miller: These drones are new technology for the Qld police service, they have specialist officers that man it. They basically use the controls and they are very good in relation to getting that evidence that you need from a height. 

You can put the drones out and they have hand controls – it’s a bit like an Xbox I suppose – so they have hand controls so they control the height, they can control where they fly, they can take still photographs, video, and those drones can also patch that information fairly fast to the commanders on the scene.

So I understand they certainly asked for that technology up here and it’s been well worthwhile.

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Victoria Police Study CCTV To Solve Police Shooting

Investigators are hoping CCTV footage will help to identify two men involved in the shooting of a police constable, that may be linked to Melbourne’s bloody underworld war.

The 31-year-old was hit in the back of the head by a shotgun blast during a routine traffic stop, and was released from hospital yesterday.

Police are investigating possible links between that shooting, a drive-by shooting minutes earlier at the Broadmeadows home of slain underworld figure Carl Williams’ father, George Williams and a petrol bomb attack on a house in the same street where Carl’s estranged wife Roberta now lives.

Source: www.skynews.com.au

Police Shooting: Possible Links To Drive-by Shooting Near Home of Carl Williams’ Father

Police are investigating possible links between the shooting of a policeman in Moonee Ponds and a drive-by shooting on the home of George Williams, father of the dead underworld killer, Carl Williams.

An arson attack and drive-by shooting linked to the Williams gangland family is being investigated as part of the probe into the shooting of a police officer early on Tuesday morning.

Police sources have told Fairfax Media the two officers involved in the shooting were searching for suspicious cars after two attacks believed to be connected to the Williams family.

The first was the firebombing of a Moonee Ponds house on Sunday in the same street Roberta Williams, Carl Williams’ former wife, lives. Up to nine firebombs were believed to have been thrown in Primrose Street, Essendon.

The second was the shooting of a house in Broadmeadows where Mr Williams’ father, George Williams, resides in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

No one was hurt at the Broadmeadows shooting although a front fence was repeatedly fired at with what is believed to have been a shotgun shortly before 3.30am. Detectives are yet to establish a motive for that attack.

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In the Shadows: The Moonee Ponds Police Shooting

A Special Operations Group officer once remarked he felt his job was safe compared to police on the road doing routine patrols. “We do our homework and we control the situation. Out on the street anything can happen,” he said. He said the closest he came to serious injury was as a young constable when a man pulled a knife on him on a railway station.

On Tuesday about 3.40am a  31-year-old First Constable was shot in the head attempting to pull over a suspect car, the sort of event that happens hundreds of times a day.

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Source: www.theage.com.au

Victoria Police Re-enact Wyndham Vale Lake Plunge Crash That Killed Three Children

The final movements of a car before it plunged into a Wyndham Vale lake, killing three children, have been re-enacted.

Police from the homicide squad and major collisions investigations unit used an identical Toyota Kluger and simulated the course and speed to mirror the crash in April at Lake Gladman after veering off Manor Lakes Blvd…

Source: www.heraldsun.com.au

Victoria Police: Statement From Victim’s Son, Plea For Privacy

I would like to thank Victoria Police for their ongoing commitment to solve this crime, involving the murder of two innocent women, my mother Margaret Penny and her hairdresser Claire Acocks…

Source: www.vicpolicenews.com.au

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