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United Nations & Overseas Policing Association of Australia statement in relation to Barry Urban MP – Member for Darling Range

UNOPAA statement in relation to Barry Urban MP – Member for
Darling Range.

Now that Mr Barry Urban MP has delivered his address to the Western Australian Parliament on the last day at Parliament sitting. The UNOPAA wish to respond to Mr Urban’s claims and comments.

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Newcastle Woman Robbed By Police Impersonators

Two men impersonating police have robbed a woman’s home, sparking a warning from police for residents to stay vigilant.

The pair entered the Mann Street property about 6pm on Wednesday, telling the female resident they were conducting a search warrant.

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Man Bound And Beaten By Armed Men Posing As Police In New South Wales

A man was bound and had his eyes taped shut by men claiming to be police officers in a terrifying attempted robbery at Barrack Heights on Wednesday.

The 53-year-old man was in his campervan parked on Hunter Street when he answered a knock on the door about 3.45pm.

Two men identified themselves as police officers, showed the man what appeared to be police badges, and asked to enter the van. The alleged robbers were not wearing police uniforms, but had merely claimed to be officers.

Read more in Illawara Mercury.

Source: www.illawarramercury.com.au

Warning To Beware of Police Impersonators After AFP Badges Stolen

Police have been told to be on high alert for people posing as AFP officers after a break-in at a business that makes new badges for the force.

A warning was sent out to Victoria Police officers on Saturday morning after the burglary at AJ Parkes badge makers in Brisbane.

There are fears AFP badges which are made at the business, which is based in the city’s south west, might have ended up in the hands of criminals.

Police have been unable to verify whether or not any badges have been stolen as yet and an inventory of the company’s stock is expected to be completed tomorrow.

An alert sent to Victoria Police officers stated: “Members are advised to exercise extra vigilance when checking the badges of persons presenting an AFP identification badge.”

An AFP spokeswoman confirmed it was aware of the break-in but refused to comment further. To help ensure that badges such as these cannot be used even if they have been taken, it would be wise to replace normal badges with Face ID badges, so that if any criminals try and use them in whatever capacity, it would be near enough impossible as they do not match the face of the badge. These types of badges can be found on websites like InstantCard and can be made to the specifications required.

Everyone is hoping that in due course these badges will be found if they have gone missing, and that the people who have burgled this company are caught and brought to justice. As always, remain vigilant and ask for further ID to back up their current ID, if they do not present that, calling into the police station to give a description and a check is important as this means that they can be apprehended before doing this again.

Source: www.perthnow.com.au

Two Men Impersonate Queensland Police Officers, Raid House In Logan

Two men claiming to be police officers have searched a house at Logan about 7.45pm while confining the occupants to a room.

The men have entered the house with one believed to be in possession of a gun and claiming to have a search warrant, have demanded the two residents, a man and woman both aged 23, remain in a room while they have searched the house.

The men have then left the residence in a vehicle. No cash or property was taken and the two residents were not physically harmed.

The householders, a man and a woman, were unhurt.

Source: www.couriermail.com.au

Western Australia Man Posing As Police Avoids Jail And $12,000 Fine

South West police have warned people who impersonate a police officer will be prosecuted. The warning comes after a Bunbury man was found guilty of pretending to be a police officer when he tried to “take the law into his own hands”.

Read more in The West Australian.

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Burglars Disguised As Police Officers Assault Woman In Lancefield, Victoria

Two armed burglars tied up and sexually assaulted a woman during a terrifying home invasion northwest of Melbourne on Friday, police say. The offenders were described as wearing fluorescent vests with the world ‘police’ on them and dark balaclavas that covered the bottom halves of their faces.

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Man Impersonated Queensland Police Officer To Violently Rape Sex Worker

Investigators alleged the man phoned the sex worker for a massage and sex and arrived at the woman’s motel room around 11.40pm. When the woman opened the door the man allegedly produced a police ID badge and said he was an officer before zip-tying her hands behind her back. The man allegedly zip-tied the woman’s hand to the leg of a table and forced her to have sex and perform oral sex on him. 

The man will appear in court again on June 29 charged with assuming the designation of a police officer, deprivation of liberty, entering a dwelling with intent, possession of tainted property, possession of drug utensils, possession of dangerous drugs, two counts of rape, two counts of sexual assault and armed robbery.

Read the full story in the Courier Mail.

Source: www.couriermail.com.au

Police Impersonator Pulls Over the Wrong Person

Sgt. Rebecca Carlisle was off duty in her car in Tomball, Texas, this week when she saw red and blue flashing lights in her rearview mirror. Trying to think about what she did wrong, she pulled over, but she sensed something was off. The white pickup truck that had flashing lights on its front grill pulled up alongside her when she waved to him through her window. When the driver saw her, he took off, leading her on a dangerous 100 mph chase. Carlisle called for other officers to help. Watch the report on The Blaze.

Source: www.theblaze.com

Scammers Impersonating RCMP

If someone calls and says they’re with the RCMP, they’re probably lying – especially if they’re trying to collect fines or gain access to your computer.

The RCMP issued a warning Wednesday after receiving multiple complaints from across Ontario about crooked calls made in the name of the force…

Source: www.ottawasun.com