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Low Cost X-ray Vision a Reality for Tactical Units In 2017

xray-vis3Currently under development at MIT, a device providing X-ray-like vision may soon find itself in tactical units’ toolkits alongside Ranger-R doppler radars and fiber optic cameras, providing another level of safety for point men and breachers in hostage and siege incidents. Continue reading Low Cost X-ray Vision a Reality for Tactical Units In 2017

Bunbury Hostage Situation: Police Praise Community Response

Police are delighted with successful resolution of a hostage situation in Bunbury overnight and have thanked the community for their assistance during the incident.

Dozens of police assembled on the banks of the Leschenault Inlet near the Bunbury CBD on Thursday evening after a man allegedly strapped explosives to his body and sat in front of a hostage.

Inspector Geoff Stewart from the South West District Office said the community’s assistance and understanding were vital in helping police defuse a potentially dangerous situation.

“I would like to thank the Bunbury community for their patience and understanding at what occurred and re-assure them that the situation has been fully resolved,” he said.

“Everyone listened to what they were told and what they had to do and it caused relatively minor disruptions.

“Our thanks go out to everyone.”

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Source: www.illawarramercury.com.au

Bunbury Hostage-Taker Is Escaped Mental Patient Behind Earlier Kings Park Siege

The man at the centre of the Bunbury siege is escaped Graylands Psychiatric Hospital patient David Charles Batty.

Dozens of police assembled on the banks of the Leschenault Inlet near the Bunbury CBD on Thursday evening after he allegedly strapped explosives to his body and sat in front of a hostage.

The siege came to an end early on Friday morning. After the hostage was released police fired two non-lethal rounds before swarming and arresting Mr Batty.

Mr Batty also triggered a similar siege situation in Kings Park in 2012 following which he was charged with several offences including aggravated assault with intent to commit a crime, attempting to cause an explosion with intent to destroy or damage property, and deprivation of liberty.

David Charles Batty, 53, has appeared in Perth District Court after he went missing for 13 months.

Appearing via video link from the Bunbury Courthouse, Batty was dressed in a blue t-shirt, blue pants and his wrists in handcuffs.

Prosecutor David Davidson told the court Batty had been due to be sentenced last year over the 2012 Kings Park siege where he held his elderly father hostage in a car, armed with a gas tank.

Mr Davidson said police expected to lay charges over the events in Bunbury within the next week “once the alleged victim is well enough to give a statement and officers at the scene make statements.”

Mr Dawson said Mr Batty’s escape put the spotlight on Graylands Hospital, which also faced several inquests into a spate of deaths at the facility in 2013. He said the government’s closure of wards at the facility could have compromised its security.

“If they’ve closed wards they probably have started to cut back on staff and this could have led to somebody who’s got a violent past escaping from the facility.”

Batty was remanded in custody at the Frankland Centre to appear on July 23.

Before leaving the court, Batty requested he appear in person at his next court date to let the public know about “a serial rapist is on the loose” and the release of a CCC report.

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Source: www.illawarramercury.com.au

WA Opposition Police Spokeswoman: Bunbury Incident Could Have Been Prevented

The opposition police spokeswoman Michelle Roberts has slammed the government for not earlier catching a secure-facility escapee who allegedly took a man hostage in Bunbury overnight.

She said police on the scene had done a great job, but responsibility needed to be taken. “This has traumatised a lot of people last evening, is a considerable use of police resources and it should not have been able to happen,” she said.

Acting Mental Health Minister John Day confirmed an individual absconded from Romily House in June 2014 where he was on approved overnight leave while under the care of the State Forensic Mental Health Service.

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Bunbury Hostage Situation: Hostage Taker Arrested

Police appear to have arrested the man responsible for a 12-hour hostage situation on the bank of the Leschenault Inlet. 

Armoured vehicles approached the man with police walking alongside it, ordering him to get down. 

Two gunshots have been heard. 

Police shouted “Do what I tell you, do you understand?”

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Hostage Released In Overnight Bunbury Stand-Off

A man held hostage in WA’s south west for more than 12 hours has been released after police negotiated throughout the night.

Police said about 6:15pm Thursday a 52-year-old man allegedly took a hostage in Bunbury, 170 kilometres south of Perth, and drove him to a park at Koombana Bay.

The ABC understands the man may have explosives, or some kind of gas canister.

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Source: www.abc.net.au