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Senior Police and Magistrate Hold Security Meetings At Southport Court

Queensland’s chief magistrate has backed a policy of allowing prisoners to face court without handcuffs following a dramatic escape on the Gold Coast last week. Continue reading Senior Police and Magistrate Hold Security Meetings At Southport Court

WA Police Union Renews Calls For Officers To Be Armed In Court


Existing security measures have been shown to be “working” through the response to a man who brought two knives into Perth Magistrates Court, WA’s attorney-general says.

The West Australian Police Union has used the incident on Tuesday afternoon to renew its call to overturn the ban on police carrying firearms, stun guns, pepper spray, batons and handcuffs in court.

“But there’s resistance from that occurring,” WAPU president George Tilbury told reporters. “We’ve been lobbying government for that change since January this year. The attorney-general and the premier will not be moved.”

“Things need to change for the safety of police officers and the community.” Mr Tilbury said a man brought a kitchen knife and a hunting knife through the security checkpoint on Tuesday and was chased by unarmed security guards into the toilet area.

Armed police were then called.

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WA Police Minister: Arming Police In Court Not Realistic In Immediate Future

West Australian Police Minister Liza Harvey says it is not realistic for police to be armed in court in the immediate future but that she is sympathetic to their plight.

The police union is fighting for officers to be able to wear their weapons in court and has upped the campaign since changes were made to NSW legislation earlier this month to allow it.

But Ms Harvey said it took time to make changes to long-standing conventions.

Premier Colin Barnett told Parliament this week he could see circumstances where a heightened level of security would be required.

“Terrorist acts, bikie gangs … those would be examples,” he said.

But he said he would prefer police not to carry weapons in court.

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WA Police Officers Want To Carry Guns In Court As Union Lists Spate of Attacks


WA Police want to follow the precedent set by NSW and be allowed to wear guns and other weapons in court.

The police union says the push to lift the ban on carrying firearms, tasers, pepper spray, batons and handcuffs in court has been long-running, but intensified since the terrorism alert was increased to high. It also issued a list of examples of violent incidents suffered by its members in and outside courts (see below).

“The fact our members cannot wear their accoutrements in court complexes causes a great deal of angst, raises concerns about the lack of secure storage for lethal weapons, and makes police soft targets,” union president George Tilbury said in a statement on Friday.

The police union has supplied PerthNow with a list of examples of threatening behaviour at Perth courts:

  • A police prosecutor was walking to the Supreme Court and was punched in the head, causing her to fall to the ground.
  • A man assaulted two officers attending court to give evidence against his father. He hid behind a wall and attacked the officers from behind by punching one several times and striking the other to the head with a book.
  • A man sitting in the back of a court removed a large fishing knife from his case and started cutting his left arm saying to the magistrate, “How much blood until you listen to me?” The man was later found to hold three knives and a pair of scissors.

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NSW Police Get An All-Clear On Guns In Courts


Police officers will be able to carry their guns into NSW courtrooms from next week, amid heightened terrorism fears.

Police Minister Troy Grant announced a new protocol on Tuesday that allows officers to wear their weapons while giving evidence or briefing prosecutors inside court complexes without having to seek special permission from the judiciary.

“This is a common sense approach at a time our nation faces a high terror alert and when we’ve seen police overseas become terror targets themselves,” Mr Grant said.

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Troy Grant Supports Call for Armed Police In Court

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant says an agreement allowing police to carry guns in court is close to being finalised.

Mr Grant defended the state’s judiciary following an attack by Police Association of NSW president Scott Weber over its refusal to allow officers to carry guns in courtrooms.

Mr Grant denied talks had stalled, saying he supported a call for police to be fully armed as the criminal landscape had changed with a heightened terror threat.

“It’s also for the protection of the judicial officers themselves and everyone in the community who is in and around those courts,” he said.

The comments follow the association’s accusations of a stalemate with the judiciary and Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton.

The Police Association of NSW again called on the NSW Police Commissioner to step in to help resolve an ongoing issue.

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Police In Western New South Wales To Boycott Courts Unless They’re Allowed To Carry Guns

Western New South Wales police say they won’t be attending court unless they’re allowed to carry weapons into court. The Police association said criminals could sneak weapons into courts and police need to protect themselves and the public…

Source: www.abc.net.au

Ed: we’re seeing elements of “de-policing” in US, Australia, what’s next?