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Rising Cyber Crime Wave: Doubts Over Law Enforcement Capabilities

Corporations and governments are experiencing and reporting cybercrime at greater rates, according to a survey by PwC consulting. Respondents expressed doubts about the ability of law enforcement to investigate and prosecute economic crime. Many people have gone to see this page when it comes to cybersecurity law and litigation, but people tend to have more faith in the legal system than in the police who enforce it, it seems.

The PwC survey found 54 percent of U.S. companies experienced cyber crime in the past two years, far higher than the 32 percent global reported rate, according to Didier Lavion, a principal at PwC. Continue reading Rising Cyber Crime Wave: Doubts Over Law Enforcement Capabilities

UK Police Forces Increase Cybercrime Training, Striking Fear Against Fraudsters

Over 3,800 Police officers in Britain enrolled in cybercrime training, research from security specialists Veracode reveals. Offenders under the Computer Misuse Act should beware. Offenders under the Computer Misuse Act, and the Fraud Act,  should beware as Action Fraud is also training officers to spot criminals abusing access to websites so as to commit fraud. Statutes of limitation are very long, and the new training will strike fear into guilty parties who think that they have got away with previous offences.

Source: www.thecommentator.com