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Law Enforcement Operation ‘Reverse Christmas Parade’ Yields Outpouring of Toys

Brevard County, Florida – Law Enforcement Officers from throughout Brevard County walked miles to gather toys for kids at Christmas. Continue reading Law Enforcement Operation ‘Reverse Christmas Parade’ Yields Outpouring of Toys

Behind-the-Scenes With Coral Springs Police: What Does It Take To Be a Police Officer?

Monday was training day for a member of NBC 6, as he stepped into the shoes of a police officer to see the danger they face on a daily basis.

A South Florida police department showed us what officers encounter every day, and also how fast a situation can lose control.

Coral Springs Police respond to thousands of calls each year; everything from domestics to traffic stops, even active shooter calls.

They put NBC 6 through 10 different training scenarios in the video.

Watch on NBC Miami.

Source: www.nbcmiami.com

Former Cop: Comply With Police, Avoid Confrontation

The Florida-based South Brevard County Task Force hosted a seminar Thursday on interacting with law enforcement.

If young, distrustful black men lose their cool and try to resist or confront a police officer on the streets, they will lose 100 percent of the time, Larry Carter warns.

“When approached by the police for whatever reason, you should be focused on two major goals: avoiding a confrontation and staying out of jail,” said Carter, a retired Melbourne police sergeant with 29 years of law enforcement experience.

“Now, how do you avoid a confrontation? Comply. And that will keep you out of jail,” he said.

Carter addressed about 30 attendees during a “Police Interaction: Surviving the Police Encounter” seminar Thursday night at the Grant Street Community Center. The event was organized by the South Brevard County Task Force, a grassroots crime-fighting group.

Carter plans to organize a second seminar featuring a defense attorney within the next 30 days at the Grant Street Community Center. A police roundtable will highlight a third session, which has not yet been scheduled.

Read more in Florida Today.

Source: www.floridatoday.com

Florida Trooper Injured, Suspect Dead In Cocoa-Area Shooting

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper is recovering after shooting and killing a man who stepped out of a pickup truck and fired a gun near Cocoa.

The confrontation happened at around 7:40 p.m. Sunday evening at the Pilot gas station at 4445 West King Street in Cocoa West, officials tell FLORIDA TODAY.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office investigators report that the trooper, who has not been identified, spotted what appeared to be an equipment violation on a pickup truck at the gas station and had walked over to talk to the driver.

Read more in Florida Today.

Source: www.floridatoday.com

Sex Offender Dancing On Top of a Police Car Said He Was Warning Children of Vampires

A man who was seen dancing to music on top of a police car in Florida was quick to explain why.

Christian Radecki did not have a sudden outbreak of disco fever despite his dancing to Hall & Oates’ hit Rich Girl (1977) and Supertramp’s 1979 song Goodbye Strangerreported WPTV.

The 44-year-old told Lee County Sheriff’s Office that he was warning children about vampires.

Read more in Courier Mail.

Source: www.couriermail.com.au

Sarasota Police Nab Napping Burglar

Police in Sarasota, Florida, have arrested a man they say broke into a home, then fell asleep on the couch.

The Bradenton Herald reports 29-year-old Timothy Bontrager was arrested Saturday morning.

Police say the resident woke up and found Bontrager sleeping on her living room couch. When she asked Bontrager what he was doing in her house, he apologized and left after she told him she was calling police.

Officials say the resident told them Bontrager entered through an unlocked sliding glass door in the back of the house. The resident then noticed her wallet, driver’s license, credit and debit cards as well as checks were missing from the table in the living room. Residents are encouraged to install a home camera system to deter incidents such as this occurring.

Bontrager was arrested a short time later. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer.

Source: www.breckenridgeamerican.com

Marion County Deputies Thwart Rocket Launcher Attack On Eustis, Fla. Police Department

Deputies from Marion County said they thwarted a plot to attack Eustis police, a church and a local Elks lodge as they raided a shed, where they found 22 firearms, several containers of black powder, bulletproof vests and drugs. Two men were also found in the shed and arrested for planning the attack, which investigator said was was supposed to happen Monday with a rocket grenade launcher. Deputies said the suspects, identified Monday as Christopher Conger, 32, and Jeremy Robertson, 29, also had bulletproof vests and even a gilly suit to camoflauge themselves if they were, indeed, were plotting the attack. Additional video coverage by Orlando Sentinel.

Source: www.mynews13.com

Police Union Asks Court To Overturn Miami’s Unilateral Action

A Miami police officers’ union on Tuesday asked the Florida Supreme Court to reverse a ruling allowing the city to make unilateral changes to a collective bargaining agreement, arguing that the decision impairs a fundamental constitutional right to…

Source: www.law360.com