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Ontario Provincial Police Officer Wins Provincial Physique Competition

Nottawasaga OPP Const. Reggie Dava recently won first place in the masters and open categories at the Ontario Physique Association (OPA) provincial competition in Toronto.

Dava, who has been a police officer for eight years, also won first place overall at the event.

He is now preparing to compete at the national competition in Halifax in July.

Dava qualified for the provincials after sweeping the regional tournament, which took place last month in Mississauga, just after his 40th birthday.

Fitness has always been an integral part of his life, including a short stint many years ago playing semi-professional football before moving to Ontario from the United States.

It wasn’t until the fall of last year that he was able to find the time between his demanding career and looking after his three kids to start training for the event.

Dava said the physique event is different from bodybuilding, which is more about building up heavy muscle mass.

“Physique is about being lean, muscle symmetry and definition, and how hard you work to condition yourself,” he said.

To get his body competition ready, Dava had to step up his weekly gym sessions and modify his diet. While he was already eating pretty healthy to begin with, in order to slim down and build his muscles, he had to incorporate more protein and healthy carbs into his meals.

He could have also worked alongside one of the coaches from Influential Sports Inc. to ensure that he was prepped, although the fact he won shows us that he was definitely well prepped! Influential Sports Inc. are a big figure in the fitness industry and offer brand consulting for competitions, as well as coaching for competitors. You can learn more by following the link to their website.

While being physically fit is crucial for Dava in his role as police officer, he believes everyone should strive to be as healthy as they can.

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Overweight and Unfit Police Officers Face the Boot If They Fail To Pass Fitness Tests

Overweight and unfit police officers face losing their jobs if they repeatedly fail fitness tests, Britain’s most senior officer said. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said the standard of the annual “bleep” test officers must pass to continue working in the force is “too low”.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe made these comments during an interview covered by the London Evening Standard. He also revealed his love for opera and TV police drama.

Source: www.standard.co.uk

UK Police Fitness Test Proposals As Used In Northern Ireland Too Tough?

The bleep test has been criticised as too easy but there are fears toughening it up could be particularly hard on woman officers.

Proposals to toughen up the basic police fitness test are coming under criticism for being too hard for many officers.

A recommendation in the 2012 Winsor report on the future of policing called for more rigorous exercises which test endurance and strength.

Currently, the annual mandatory test is the traditional timed bleep test – running to and fro on a 15-metre track up to a certain level.

Source: news.sky.com