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Queensland Police Arrest Alleged Carjacker At Wilsonton McDonald’s

Police and emergency services attend a A serious crash on McDonalds Rd in the Lockyer Valley, Tuesday, August 4, 2015. Photo Kevin Farmer / The Chronicle
Police and emergency services attend a A serious crash on McDonalds Rd in the Lockyer Valley, Tuesday, August 4, 2015. Photo Kevin Farmer / The Chronicle

A car has rolled, two people are seriously injured and an armed man has fled the crash scene, according to reports from emergency services.

The crash on McDonalds Rd in the Lockyer Valley between Murphys Creek and Postmans Ridge was reported about 2.30pm.

It was reported that an armed man got out of the overturned vehicle and stole at gunpoint the second vehicle involved in the crash.

Police have moved the hunt for an armed carjacker to Toowoomba.

Police hunted the suspect following a single vehicle rollover which started a large-scale ground and air search for the man about 2.30pm.

Finally, police have arrested the alleged armed carjacker at Wilsonton McDonald’s.

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Gun Ownership Rises 10 Per Cent Across NSW


Gun ownership has surged 10 per cent in NSW in the past five years, with one gun now registered for  every nine residents.

And the biggest rises in gun ownership are  in some of Sydney’s most affluent areas, postcodes that encompass Neutral Bay, Pyrmont and Sydney’s CBD, where the number of firearms has climbed by more than 60 per cent since 2010.

More than 850,000 firearms are now legally registered in NSW.

Newcastle recorded an 81 per cent increase in the number of people with a firearms licence in the same period.

NSW Police Firearms commander Mick Plotecki said anecdotally, the combination of US popular gun culture and a recruitment drive by gun clubs may be behind the rise.

Alarmingly, in 22 of the state’s 600 postcodes, registered guns outnumber people.

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Troy Grant Supports Call for Armed Police In Court

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant says an agreement allowing police to carry guns in court is close to being finalised.

Mr Grant defended the state’s judiciary following an attack by Police Association of NSW president Scott Weber over its refusal to allow officers to carry guns in courtrooms.

Mr Grant denied talks had stalled, saying he supported a call for police to be fully armed as the criminal landscape had changed with a heightened terror threat.

“It’s also for the protection of the judicial officers themselves and everyone in the community who is in and around those courts,” he said.

The comments follow the association’s accusations of a stalemate with the judiciary and Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton.

The Police Association of NSW again called on the NSW Police Commissioner to step in to help resolve an ongoing issue.

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AFP Has ‘Lost’ Munitions, Bullet-Proof Vests, Body Armour, Tasers and Handcuffs


The Australian Federal Police has lost almost 30 “controlled items” in the past year including munitions, body armour, bullet-proof vests, Tasers, batons, handcuffs and night-vision goggles, an audit into its firearms and armoury has revealed.

It is the second time since 2009 that the AFP has been warned that its stocktake procedures for guns and ammunition were of serious concern.

It follows allegations that ex-AFP members have taken controlled items with them after they left the organisation.

A spokesman for the AFP stressed that no guns were listed as lost or missing.

He said it had responded to the 15 recommendations made in the official audit and almost all had been implemented.

The AFP is investigating allegations that ex-officers had kept weapons after they left the force.

“The Western Australia Police arrested an individual in 2012 who was in possession of previously-unrecovered AFP controlled items,” the AFP spokesman said.

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Jail Sentence for Stun Gun Disguised As Phone Overturned On Appeal

A Canberra woman convicted of possessing a stun gun disguised as a smart phone has had her jail sentence overturned on appeal.

The ACT Supreme Court this week ordered the three month suspended sentence imposed on Bertha Elizabeth Chatfield, 45, by Magistrate Robert Cook be set aside.

Chatfield was instead ordered to sign an 18-month good behaviour order.

The decision, by Chief Justice Helen Murrell, said a police raid on Chatfield’s home located the stun gun, which looked like a smart phone, in a drawer of her bedroom.

The magistrate determined the offence had been medium range of objective seriousness.

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Teenage Girl Finds Loaded Gun On the Way To School In Melbourne’s West

A 14-year-old girl has discovered a loaded semi-automatic handgun while walking to school in Deer Park, in Melbourne’s west.

The firearm was found lying in the dirt beside a footpath as the girl walked towards a bus stop on Tilburn Road at about 9.45am on Friday.

The girl noticed the gun was loaded and reported it to a teacher, who contacted police to secure the firearm. 

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WA Police Confirm 10-Year-Old Boy Took Gun To School

A 10-year-old boy took a gun to his school south of Perth earlier this week, police have confirmed.

Police said the boy took the handgun to the Comet Bay Primary School in Secret Harbour to show his friends on Monday.

They said he did not threaten anyone with the weapon, which school staff confiscated.

Police are trying to determine if the weapon is licensed and how the boy got access to it.

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Replica Police Toy Guns Found In Alice Springs Showbags

The Central Australian Show Society is ‘gunning’ for showbag safety commitments at next year’s Alice Springs Show after the national consumer protection agency failed to appear this year.

Toy guns resembling police weapons found in showbags at the show held earlier in July led the society to discover the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission had not completed product safety checks.

Central Australian Show Society president Rosie Gibbins said every year the ACCC attend the Alice Springs Show to inspect showbags — except this year.

“My initial inquiry was about replica toy guns, they looked similar to what police used, kids were running around with them,” she said.

After her inquiries on Saturday — day two of the show — she realised the commission had not checked the goodie bags.

“It was a shock to all of us including police,” she said.

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New South Wales Police Officers Warned of Unsafe Work Practice

Police Association of NSW Press Release

The Police Association of NSW is calling on the NSW Commissioner of Police to protect police officers by stopping unsafe work practices.

The NSW Heads of Court have refused to change the current protocol prohibiting police wearing their firearms and appointments in NSW Courts.

Police Association President, Scott Weber, said, “This is an important safety issue raised and campaigned by us over many months, however, our members, the workers and their representatives haven’t  been consulted. 

“The issue is being discussed behind closed doors by lawyers and the Government with no input from the very officers being placed at risk.

“Today we are appealing to the Commissioner of Police to resolve this issue and direct his officers and our members to cease this unsafe working practice. We expect that the Commissioner will continue to support his workers in their efforts to protect themselves and the public.

“We are asking our members who are required to attend court to consider their options to address this unsafe work practice.  There is an option to seek leave to enter the Court while wearing their arms and appointments.

“If leave is not granted, officers should report the matter to their Supervisor and seek a direction from their Supervisor.

“In the interim the Association will continue to consider its available options for resolving this important issue.

“The Commissioner and his executive team have tried to resolve this issue for our members.  Once it was brought to their attention they engaged with many stakeholders in control of Courts and their security, so far without success.  We thank the Commissioner and his team in their efforts so far in seeking a resolution.

“It’s time for the Attorney General and the Minister for Justice and Police to put Police officer safety and that of the public above politics.

“This is a significant safety concern and it has reached a deadlock. We now call on the Premier to intervene and allow the carriage of firearms in all Courts around the state to deliver police, and all those attending Courts around the state, the protection and security they deserve.”

New South Wales Police Will Soon Be Allowed To Take Firearms Into Court

NSW Police officers will soon be able to wear their guns at court, after a year-long battle with the Attorney-General’s department.

The imminent decision comes after a campaign by the NSW Police Association to strengthen security at major trials, particularly those involving terror suspects and bikies.

The announcement was to be made today by Deputy Premier and Minister for Justice and Police Troy Grant and Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton but was still to be signed off on last night.

Police have been increasingly concerned about the threat of a terror attack on the court system in the past two years where officers have traditionally not been allowed to wear take their weapons unless granted special permission by the magistrate in high-risk cases.

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