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Plane Battling California Fire Grounded By Hobby Drone

A drone flying above a 20,000-acre brush fire in the San Bernardino Mountains interfered with the firefight Wednesday, officials say.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the fixed-wing air craft had to be grounded due to FAA regulations after a drone was seen flying over the Onyx Summit area around 5:30 p.m., Cal Fire officials say.

“Tonight a hobby drone grounded firefighting aircraft by flying over the #LakeFire. When you fly…we CAN’T! Puts our pilots lives at risk.” — CAL FIRE PIO Berlant (@CALFIRE_PIO) June 25, 2015

A spokesperson for the agency says the sheriff’s department was contacted. In a tweet posted around 7:30 p.m., Cal Fire Public Information Officer Daniel Berlant wrote that pilots’ lives were put at risk due to the “hobby drone.”

In a recent drone incident, firefighters had to turn the hose on the interfering drone.

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Drones May Be Future of Law Enforcement but Will They Compromise Civilian Privacy?

Drones have become the latest tools in fighting crime across the country, however their steady expansion has raised questions about privacy and regulation.

In NSW, police began trialling drones in December last year and it is still ongoing, a spokesman said. They hope to use the small, unmanned, helicopter-style devices to assist in search and rescue operations or in place of aircraft to reduce the costs and risks to officers.

Queensland police were the earliest adopters, initially adding two drones to their arsenal to provide aerial “situational awareness” in high-risk situations like a siege on Boxing Day, 2013.

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Drones a Possibility for Palm Springs Local Law Enforcement

Could the use of drones by law enforcement help in the capture of suspects or in the case of missing persons? The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is actively looking for grants to buy unmanned aircrafts or drones for search and rescues. Palm Springs police said its bird’s-eye view could help save lives. Palm Springs mounted search-and-rescue has looked into the technology, especially for areas where helicopters can’t go.

“Those areas where those folks are stuck are generally very remote; using an unmanned aircraft system would show us where the person is to kind of guide our reaction to the situation,” said Palm Springs Police Lt. Mike Kovaleff. 

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Queensland Police Drones Take To The Skies

Queensland police now have their own flying RoboCops to help with intricate work at crime scenes.

Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller announced today that two drones worth $23,000 will be used in the field and were first deployed to help officers examine the scene of a fatal house fire in Beenleigh last month, AAP reports.

“The drones will also be used in the forensic search for evidence in places that were previously inaccessible – for example, on a roof, down a cliff or over a very large distance,” Ms Miller said.

Source: www.skynews.com.au