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Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ 40th Annual Memorial Service

Sunday, September 24, is Police and Peace Officers National Memorial Day and men and women who serve or have served their communities in Canada, will honour officers who have given their lives in service to the community. 

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New Zealand Border Protection Thin Blue Line Under Pressure

The popular television show Border Patrol has created an unrealistic expectation about the job of Customs officers, says the chief executive of the border protection agency.

Weekend Herald investigation can reveal morale in Customs has plummeted in recent years with nearly one-third of staff “disengaged” from their work, according to a leaked copy of the most recent employment survey.

More than 50 senior staff took voluntary redundancy in a sweeping restructure and the number of permanent operational staff has fallen from 935 to 810, while a further 138 job vacancies remain unfilled.

Insiders at Customs say having fewer frontline staff has increased the pressure on the “thin blue line” at the Auckland International Airport and led to more resignations.

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Source: www.nzherald.co.nz