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Support Your Local Police And Push For A Boost In Staffing

Community vigilance is needed to help keep the Fleurieu’s people safe. But it is also the responsibility of South Australian Police and the government to keep a watchful eye on the Fleurieu and boost our police numbers as the population increases, and if crime does too.

For two robberies, at Goolwa Priceline and Bank SA, to take place in broad daylight along the south coast in less than a week is shocking.

Kudos most go to the local police who caught those responsible just hours after each robbery occurred.

An increase in population, lack of job security and the increase of drugs in society are factors that can result in more crime. As was seen in 2013 during a spate of crime in Goolwa, the community called for an increase in police numbers and it was granted.

While there is nothing the general punter can do to stop such acts [robberies] occurring, we can all make it our responsibility to look out for others.

By keeping in contact with people and making it known that you are watching and care, you help build trust in the community.

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Crime Stoppers Awards Toowoomba Officers’s Service

Sergeant Scott McGrath from the Darling Downs District Crime Prevention Unit was recently awarded a certificate of long service from Crime Stoppers Queensland.

Sergeant McGrath has been a member of the Toowoomba Crime Stoppers committee for 15 years.

“I continue to support Crime Stoppers because I see the real benefits from information that is received from members of the public,” Sergeant McGrath said. 

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Source: www.thechronicle.com.au