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Local Methamphetamine Forum In NSW To ‘Inform and Educate’

The struggle against crystal methamphetamine won’t be won by any one means.

A broad community response in the key to stamping out the use in regional areas – and it’s the message that Gundagai, NSW residents will hear during a forum this week.

Commonly known as ‘ice’ – crystal methamphetamine has been spreading into regional areas more and more.

Gundagai Shire Council’s community, library and information services manager Cindy Smith said there was a need to inform the community.

Source: www.dailyadvertiser.com.au

Letter To PA Newspaper Editor: We Need To Take Back Our Streets

We live on a nice quiet street in Larksville, other than the recently discussed Murray Street (April 19). We recently experienced a similar situation with drug sales on our street. This “suspect” turned our quiet traffic-we-are-familiar-with neighborhood into a quick stop, in and out destination for dope-using criminals. Chief John Edwards took an active, aggressive approach by speaking with neighbors, sharing information he knew as fact, and advising us how to respond if we saw anything suspicious. He also spoke to the occupants of the suspected home directly to let them know the police have been alerted and are on increased patrol in the area to keep the area crime free and safe for residents. The strategy worked…

Source: citizensvoice.com

Bundaberg Police Officer Sends Positive Message To Children

It’s an oft-spouted parental phrase to keep recalcitrant children in line: “If you are naughty, a policeman will take you away.”

But a Bundaberg police officer has urged parents to think twice about using the empty threat, saying it creates an adverse image of the boys and girls in blue in impressionable young minds.

Source: www.brisbanetimes.com.au

Initiative “Bridges Gap” Between Law Enforcement, Community

Charleston community members and police officers met in the Charleston Range and Training Center at a “Bridge the Gap” Initiative to help the public have more understanding of what law enforcement officers have to do on a daily basis. The officers and people present were able to go through different scenarios and examples to show…

Source: www.dailyeasternnews.com

Young People Learn Do’s and Don’ts of Interacting With Police

When Laura Jenny heard about the Trayvon Martin case, all she could think of were her friends who had scrapes with police that could have ended up much worse than they did.

Young people often don’t know how to react when a police officer approaches them. In some cases — showing off in front of friends, or acting out of anger or fear — they make the wrong moves and get arrested.

Source: www.telegram.com

Sensory Tunnel Re-creates Blind Challenges for Police

A charity gives North Wales Police an insight into the difficulties faced by blind people with the use of a sensory tunnel.

Guide Dogs Cymru is to visit 10 sites, starting at Caernarfon Police Headquarters, in Gwynedd, on Monday.

Source: www.bbc.com

Ed: perhaps we can also raise awareness about officers losing eyesight

Bathurst CBD Cameras Assist Police

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is an important investigative tool for police, according to Bathurst duty officer Inspector Colin Cracknell, who has joined the push for the city to use the technology.

His backing came after a spate of vandalism at shops in Bathurst’s CBD over the last few months which saw windows broken and doors smashed.

Source: www.westernadvocate.com.au