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NSW Police Officer Is Helping Trauma Teddies Reach Children In Times Of Need

When we think about traumatic experiences we often consider the adults involved but how do police help the children on the front line of life’s hardest moments?

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North Warwickshire School Pupils Turn Detective During Visit To Police Station

Students from two North Warwickshire schools have swapped problem-solving for murder-solving as part of a special learning day at Rugby Police Station. Continue reading North Warwickshire School Pupils Turn Detective During Visit To Police Station

Victoria Police Warn On Sophisticated Cyber Predators

Police are warning parents that cyber creeps are getting more sophisticated in their grooming techniques and that assaults of underage children are occurring within weeks of their first online contact. Continue reading Victoria Police Warn On Sophisticated Cyber Predators

Western Australian Schoolies and Toolies Evicted From Rottnest Island

Twenty-one school leavers and toolies (men in their 20s looking to party with school leavers) were booted off Rottnest Island this week, but police said that overall the behaviour of leavers was excellent. Continue reading Western Australian Schoolies and Toolies Evicted From Rottnest Island

Toronto Group Homes Turning Outbursts From Kids Into Matters for Police

Serious occurrences involving youth in the care of the Ontario government and privately run children’s aid societies often involve a call to police.

Incidents are described in reports that must be filed to the Ontario government by group homes, foster parents and children’s aid societies when children or youth in their care are involved in events considered serious.

The results show a disturbing tendency — particularly in group homes — to turn outbursts from kids usually suffering from trauma and mental health issues into matters for police.

They raise concerns about caregivers being too quick to call police, feeding what studies suggest is a pipeline that funnels youths in care into the justice system.

Child psychologist Dr. Michele Peterson-Badali, an authority on Canada’s youth justice system, believes caregivers are calling police for behaviours that most biological parents would deal with in more compassionate ways.

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Colorado Police Officer Sings Lullaby To Distract Toddler After Horror Road Accident

A police officer arrived at a devastating scene on Thursday: a car crash resulting in all passengers, a couple and their four children, being thrown from the vehicle. Multiple injuries have been reported and at the moment their recovery is of paramount importance. In good time, a personal injury attorney in OKC may be called upon to provide legal consultation to families of the victims with regard to future action. Such scenes are horrible to witness and usually become nightmares both during and after the incident. Many people affected by these conditions reach out to legal help from groups such as Mark Rees Law Firm to help them allieviate some of the pain that comes from the treatments needed afterwards, but there are more immediate concerns when you arrive on the scene. What happened next can be seen in an emotional photograph captured by a witness Jessica Matrious.

One of the children clung to the Colorado policeman and he tried to distract her from the wreckage behind them. Officer Nick Struck was handed the child to look after as emergency services moved in to help the other victims, the 9News reported.

The little girl’s father had died at the scene. Her other family members were being treated by paramedics and taken to hospital, and whilst they may get a personal injury attorney eventually to help, they were not able to consider it at that time. Struck said he had sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to the girl in an attempt to calm her down and help her get some rest. The action has been seen by many people in the surrounding area as beautifully caring, as such experiences can usually cause instant trauma for one so young. Being soothed to sleep won’t solve all the issues this tragedy has brought up, but at least it eases the woes of the child for now.

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Constable Kenny Koala Still Walking the Beat

He started out in the mid 70s as a bathmat sewn into shape by the secretary of the Australian Capital Territory’s top cop.

Almost 40 years on, Constable Kenny Koala is still struggling for promotion in the ranks of ACT Policing, but he is looking sharper than ever before.

Kenny has had numerous updates since his first appearance in the mid 1970s. The latest spot of cosmetic surgery has given the right-hand man of his long-time policing partner Stewart Waters a more expressive look and an updated uniform.

Watch the episode of Junior Police 7 and read more in Canberra Times.

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Families SA To Hire Former Police Officers To Investigate Complaints

Families SA will hire forensic investigators, such as former police officers, to beef up a unit that investigates complaints against foster carers or contracted social workers.

Education and Child Development Department chief executive Tony Harrison told The Advertiser he is reforming the Care Concern Investigation Unit, which investigates allegations of abuse or mistreatment of children in state care.

The unit is now staffed by Families SA social workers. Mr Harrison said his department would hire new staff trained in forensic investigation, who could include former police officers, to “significantly increase” the focus on serious investigations.

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Local Parents Seek To Empower Children In the Face of Stranger Danger

Northern Territory parents are asking self-defence experts to teach their kids how to protect themselves following a spate of suspicious approaches to children by men in cars.

Two children were encouraged into two different cars outside Parap Primary and Dripstone Middle School, and there was a third case where a Darwin Middle school student was followed and beeped at.

Krav Maga instructor Adam Gulla said he had noticed a rise in parents asking him to teach their children about self-defence.

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