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Victoria Police Warn On Sophisticated Cyber Predators

Police are warning parents that cyber creeps are getting more sophisticated in their grooming techniques and that assaults of underage children are occurring within weeks of their first online contact. Continue reading Victoria Police Warn On Sophisticated Cyber Predators

QPS Taskforce Orion To Tackle Child Exploitation


A new police taskforce has been implemented to tackle child exploitation following a recent inquiry which found the related crimes had risen statewide.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Commissioner Michael Byrne’s Queensland Organised Crime Commission of Inquiry’s final report revealed it was a dark criminal area requiring more support and resources.

Mr Byrne’s recommendations included establishing a new taskforce, which will be called Taskforce Orion.

“Headed by a detective inspector, it will tackle child exploitation activities and deliver a tactical operational response to these types of offences,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“Taskforce Orion will work alongside the existing Taskforce Argos.

“An extra six staff will be employed for the duration of Taskforce Orion to provide improved forensic capability, to improve victim identification capacity and to provide additional intelligence and technical support.”

The government will provide $3.2 million in funding for new resources.

Source: Central Telegraph.

Police Response To Attack On Young Girl Was Outstanding


From Women’s Agenda:

I’ve written a number of articles about the way the media and police respond to male violence against women. Too many articles. Too many cases of media and police questioning the behaviour of victims, implicitly or explicitly blaming women for the violence done to them, failing to mention the actions of the perpetrators, or humanising them to the point that it looks like sympathy. It’s sickening, enraging and dangerous.

There are times however, when police not only get it right, they get it SO right. They push back against the public and the media, and slam some truth down for everyone to see.

I’m not going to say much about the crime itself. The victim is only 14 years old, what was done to her was unspeakably evil, and our hearts break for her. Neither she nor her family should be subjected to media commentators rehashing the details.

But anyone who has actively participated in blaming that poor child for the horrific things that were done to her should take note of what Detective Senior Sergeant Jason Walsh, from Victoria Police’s Sexual Crime Squad had to say, as reported in The Age

One of Victoria’s top sexual assault detectives says he is “amazed” that people have questioned the behaviour of a 14-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by a group of drunken men on the weekend.

Detective Senior Sergeant Jason Walsh, from Victoria Police’s Sexual Crime Squad, told Raf Epstein on ABC 774 on Wednesday afternoon that the assault against the girl had been at the violent end of the scale.

“The actual sexual assault, Raf, is of an extremely serious nature and police are very concerned about the allegations and very keen to speak to these four males.”

Epstein read text messages from two ABC callers who questioned why the girl was in a park at 4am.

But Detective Walsh said that was the wrong question.

“I find it amazing, without getting into politics that we question girls and we question their behaviour when we don’t even ask, ‘what’s four blokes out doing, allegedly sexually assaulting a young girl?’

“You know, that’s my take on that sort of question, and I’ve been in this sexual assault field for many years, and I find it amazing that people straight away question females for their actions, and they’re not questioning the males. I mean, what are four males doing allegedly sexually assaulting a young girl? That’s a question I’d ask.”

Helpline Calls Vetted With NSW Police To Reduce Rate of Kids Killed By Relatives

NSW Police Badge

Calls to the Family and Community Services Helpline will now be cross-checked with the police database in a bid to reduce the horrifying number of children being killed by violent family members.

Deputy Ombudsman and Community and Disability Services Commissioner Steve Kinmond said a systemic communication failure ­between FACS and police had led to tragic consequences for many children.

A review of the deaths of 83 children who died from abuse between January 2004 and December 2013 showed more than half of the suspected family perpetrators had already been classified as serious violent offenders by the police.

If FACS staff had known this, then some of those children could have been saved.

“There were some cases … where if advice had been sought from the police, one could have been confident a better understanding of the level of risk to children in the home would have been ­obtained by community services,” Mr Kinmond said.

Read more The Sunday Telegraph.

Special Victims Unit: Female NYPD Officers Reveal Their Most Heartbreaking Stories

Life in the NYPD is something that’s highly regarded in pop culture and also something that’s heavily scrutinized in the media. What it isn’t, though, is an easy feat in terms of mental and physical stability — or longevity. This is especially true for the women detectives.

Note: Some stories in this article may be disturbing to readers, as they involve child abuse, sexual abuse, and graphic violence. Last names have been omitted according to the wishes of the sources and the confidential nature of the information published.

Continue reading Special Victims Unit: Female NYPD Officers Reveal Their Most Heartbreaking Stories

Bedfordshire Police Obtain First FGM Protection Order

Bedfordshire Police have secured the UK’s first ever female genital mutilation protection order, which bans travel by people who are believed to be at risk of FGM.

As some schools broke up for the summer holidays on Friday, Bedfordshire police seized the passports of two young girls who it was thought could be taken to Africa to be mutilated.

Police obtained the court order under a new power which came into force on Friday. Breaching it is a criminal offence.

DCI Nick Bellingham, from Bedfordshire police’s public protection unit, said: “This legislation is a really positive step forward in the fight against this horrific, cruel crime, and we’re pleased to have been able to enforce it today by issuing a protection order.”

Separately, a Scotland Yard spokesman said that officers from the specialist crime and operations command were looking to reports that a large number of girls on a flight from Heathrow to Ethiopia on 11 July may have been at risk of FGM.

Read more in The Guardian.

Source: www.theguardian.com

Ice Drug Dealer Brutally Attacked Toddler; Now In Wheelchair for Life

A Sydney toddler had only just learnt to walk when his mother’s boyfriend allegedly attacked him in February.

Now the boy, who was 13 months old at the time, will never walk again, police say.

On Wednesday, a man, 25, charged with the assault, appeared in court for the first time and was formally refused bail.

Police arrested the man on Tuesday and will allege he is also involved in the supply of the drugs ice and ecstasy.

Officers attached to Strike Force Racemosa raided the man’s house in western Sydney and allegedly found drugs and number of items they believe were stolen.

Read more in SMH.

Source: www.smh.com.au

Accused Pedophile Beaten Up Outside Gold Coast Court

An accused pedophile has been bashed by an elderly man wielding a walking stick outside a Gold Coast court.

The younger man, aged in his 30s, was left bleeding profusely from a head wound after being bashed with the cane in front of Southport Magistrates Court this morning.

Witnesses said his attacker accused him of raping a 13-year-old girl.

“There was blood everywhere,” one said.

Police and courthouse security guards rushed in to intervene and paramedics arrived to treat the injured man who was taken to hospital.

The alleged attacker was taken by detectives to Southport watch-house.

Investigations were continuing.

Source: www.couriermail.com.au

Young Children ‘Groomed’ To Use Ice Are Being Used By Gold Coast Crims To Commit Crimes

Ice addicts as young as 10 are being used as human shields by seasoned Gold Coast crooks to commit crimes.

Knowing the children are unlikely to do the time if caught doing the crime, older criminals are feeding them drugs as a reward for doing the dirty work.

Youngsters who end up on the streets are targeted by criminals, who take them under their wing, manipulate them into stealing items used to fund drugs and send them out to buy the illicit substances.

Gold Coast Chief Superintendent Des Lacy says once ­recruited, the children are often caught in a vicious cycle.

They then become drug addicts and go on to target children themselves once they are older.

Read more in Gold Coast Bulletin.

Source: www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au