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Look Sharp – Reality of Forensic Image Enhancement

cctv-enhance-example The proliferation of CCTV systems and exponential growth in the use of mobile recording devices such as smartphones and tablets, has meant that police and other law enforcement agencies now look increasingly to audiovisual evidence when conducting their investigations. Indeed, one of the most common requests we receive as forensic audiovisual specialists is to enhance CCTV and video footage to reveal more detail in the image. Technology has advanced at a very fast pace to the point where modern digital CCTV systems can record high quality video for long periods of time. This has facilitated the enhancement of imagery evidence and in many cases has helped to prove the identification of suspects, vehicles and other items of interest. Unfortunately the popularity of films and television programmes like 24, CSI and Spooks, which showcase technology in the investigative process, has led to unrealistic expectations about how much ‘magic’ we can really perform.

This may not be the world of Jack Bauer and friends, but we can still bring our own brand of wizardry to your audiovisual evidence.

The starting point is to understand that the potential for enhancement depends crucially on the quality of the recorded image. Image quality produced by CCTV systems is influenced by several factors, including camera capability, recording resolution of the CCTV system, and to what extent the images are compressed when being stored on the digital video recorder.

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Perth Transit Officers Help a Motorcyclist Who Was Clotheslined With Rope and Glassed

A motorcyclist, who was struck in the throat by a piece of rope tied across the road and then glassed by a gang of juveniles, has refused to outright condemn the perpetrators of the act. Continue reading Perth Transit Officers Help a Motorcyclist Who Was Clotheslined With Rope and Glassed

Police Call for Busselton CCTV

Busselton Senior Sergeant Steve Principe has called on the City of Busselton to install more closed circuit television in the central business district and on the foreshore in a bid to deter crime.

Sen. Sgt Principe told the Times police got “regular complaints” of smashed windows or general damage in the CBD and said CCTV would give police a fighting chance to catch those responsible. CCTV has already been shown to be a great deterrent against crime for many business owners that have benefitted from installing surveillance systems across their facilities. Business owners that are feeling at risk should click here to learn more.

“CCTV helps to capture offences that take place which allows us to have vision to show the community to try and identify the offender if we don’t know who they are,” he said.

Read more in Busselton Dunsborough Times.

Source: au.news.yahoo.com

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Bathurst CBD Cameras Assist Police

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is an important investigative tool for police, according to Bathurst duty officer Inspector Colin Cracknell, who has joined the push for the city to use the technology.

His backing came after a spate of vandalism at shops in Bathurst’s CBD over the last few months which saw windows broken and doors smashed.

Source: www.westernadvocate.com.au