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Vancouver Police Officers Take the Plunge To Raise Money for Special Olympics


Hundreds of people jumped into the water at Vancouver’s first-ever Polar Plunge for Special Olympics, and the Police staff were the first ones in the water to support the cause. Continue reading Vancouver Police Officers Take the Plunge To Raise Money for Special Olympics

Vancouver Police Dog Hangs On for Dear Life To Partner

A photo of K-9 officer Niko clinging to his handler's leg while rappelling down the side of a building is barking up a storm on social media.
A photo of K-9 officer Niko clinging to his handler’s leg while rappelling down the side of a building is barking up a storm on social media.
Training to be a cop isn’t for the faint of heart, but for a Vancouver police dog, it proved to be particularly ruff.

The Vancouver Police Department posted a photo on social media showing police service dog Niko in a harness while clinging to his human partner’s leg while the pair rappel down the side of a building. The image, which was shared on Oct. 22, is making international headlines this week and barking up a storm on social media.

“Hey dad… This rappelling? Yuh, I’m not a fan,” the photo caption reads.

Const. Sandra Glendinning, spokeswoman for Vancouver police, said the image was snapped while the five-year-old German Shepherd was attempting his first rappel from a five-storey building— his highest elevation yet— with his handler.

“When they came over the ledge and they started going down, he was fine for the first little bit,” she told Metro. “Then Const. Dan Ames, who is the handler in the picture, said he could feel the dog wrapping his front legs around his leg about two thirds of the way up, and the dog just kind of hung on.”

After the photo was posted online, Glendinning she was not prepared to see it fetch such a strong response, setting a record as one of VPD’s most popular images on social media.

“It’s a great image that shows the bond between a handler and a dog,” she said. “In this photo, you’ve got police service dog Niko who is clearly depending on his partner 100 per cent, and there’s a level of trust there.”  

Although Niko appears frightened while he clings to his partner, Glendinning said the dog actually took to rappelling very quickly. By wrapping his legs around his handler, she said the dog was able to stabilize himself.

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Undercover Officer In Wheelchair Discovers ‘Soul’ of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Tasked with identifying those responsible for such crimes, Vancouver Police Staff Sgt. Mark Horsley disguised himself as a paralyzed man with a brain injury in a motorized wheelchair, and went undercover for five days in the neighbourhood.

Far from being assaulted, a YouTube video of the undercover operation shows people helping Horsley in many ways—helping him count his money, zipping up the money pouch on the side of his wheelchair and even praying for him.

Watch the report on CTV News.

Source: www.ctvnews.ca

Replica Rifle Alerts Police In West Vancouver

West Vancouver police are mulling possible charges after a man was seen carrying what turned out to be a pellet rifle in Ambleside Park Monday night.

Witnesses say a man was seen walking on the Spirit Trail just after 7 p.m., carrying what appeared to be an assault rifle with a sweater draped over it.

Officers responded immediately and contained the area. They found a man and a woman with a young boy. It is believed they had been firing the rifle into rocks at the beach. Police say the pellet rifle very closely resembled the West Vancouver Police Colt C8 Patrol Carbine rifles.

The rifle was seized, but police have not decided on the charges.

Investigators remind all residents, and especially parents, to understand the risks of carrying realistic looking weapons in public as police need to respond as though an item is a real weapon until it is confirmed not to be.

Just last week, three teens were taken into custody for shooting pellet guns at people and vehicles in West Vancouver. Police also seized three air-powered pistols and pellet ammunition. No one was injured.

Source: globalnews.ca

British Columbia Dispatcher Grapples With Guilt And Lack Of Support

The 2011 stabbing of Victoria police Const. Lane Douglas-Hunt dominated headlines as the case wound its way through the court system.

But the story that hasn’t been told is that of the police dispatcher who sent the 25-year-old officer to what came in as a routine shoplifting call at a downtown 7-Eleven on Jan. 17, 2011.

Tania McClelland said she blames herself for sending Douglas-Hunt into danger, and is on sick leave from the Victoria Police Department as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder.

McClelland’s injury claim to WorkSafe B.C. was initially denied, then accepted after a review. She said her request for a certified service dog to assist with her PTSD was denied and it took nine months for funding to be approved so McClelland could attend group therapy.

“I wish I had never come forward, it’s made it worse,” she said, a sign that the supports for workers with mental-health injuries are not yet there.

“All I know is that things have to change.”

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Source: www.timescolonist.com

Vancouver Island Homeless Man Finds $2,000 On Victoria Street, Brings It To RCMP

The honesty of a homeless man who turned in more than $2,000 he found on a suburban Victoria street could pay off for the unidentified Good Samaritan.

West Shore RCMP Const. Alex Berube said Tuesday that police are looking for the man to tell him his good deed has spurred people to donate to a fundraising effort that’s already hit $1,400.

Berube said police patrols are keeping watch for the man, who has no fixed address but is known in the community of Langford, just west of Victoria.

So far, a GoFundMe page has been launched to reward the man for his act of honesty. The fundraiser has so far raised over $1,600 in an effort to give back “good karma.”

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Source: www.ctvnews.ca

British Columbia Police Laud True Hero for Stopping Attack On Young Woman In Victoria

“We’re looking for true heroes in our community and that’s what you are,” Victoria Police Chief Frank Elsner told Thorsen. Marc Thorsen was on his morning delivery route when he saw a woman pushed to the ground and kicked repeatedly by her partner at the corner of Cook Street and Pandora Avenue.

Thorsen could see that another witness was on the phone to police, so he crossed the street to follow the couple. “The attacker ran to the girl, pushed her down again, continued to kick her a couple more times and that’s when I ran and stood between them,” Thorsen recalled.

“I told him, This isn’t happening — you have to go through me to get to her now.”

Thorsen’s willingness to intervene in a violent situation earned him the Victoria Police Department’s civic service award, presented Monday.

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Source: www.timescolonist.com

How This Police Dog Helped a Child Sexual Assault Victim Tell Her Story

Caber the Labrador retriever is Canada’s first accredited victim assistance dog and the first to be used in a British Columbia courtroom. When the 10-year-old girl took the stand during her sexual assault trial in British Columbia this week, Caber sat at her feet, soothing her as she testified. The 7-year-old Labrador retriever’s presence during the trial marks the first time a dog has been used in a British Columbia courtroom, said Caber’s handler and Delta Police Victim Services coordinator Kim Gramlich.

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Source: www.washingtonpost.com

Surrey Getting 100 More RCMP Officers To Fight Gang Crime

The Conservative government, under attack from the New Democratic Party in Parliament in recent weeks over a string of gang-related shootings in Surrey, is providing 100 additional RCMP officers to the city to fight crime, it was announced Tuesday.

Source: www.timescolonist.com