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New Australian Federal Police Forensics Centre At Majura Hit By Delays

Federal police employees will have to wait until next year to move into a multimillion-dollar forensics lab in Canberra after construction delays pushed back the completion date. Continue reading New Australian Federal Police Forensics Centre At Majura Hit By Delays

National Police Union Concerned President Will Be Installed By Stealth

Police union members are concerned a small group of executives will install a new Australian Federal Police Association president without consultation.

Former president Jon Hunt-Sharman served his final day on Friday with his resignation announced to AFPA members on Monday morning.

He had held the position for nearly 20 years and resigned in the midst of a federal court investigation of election processes.

A number of police officers who are members of the association are understood to have raised concerns after receiving incorrect ballot papers.

Some members are also understood to have broader concerns about the running of the association.

The matter is set to return to court on November 14.

Read the full article in The Age.

Australian Federal Police May Be Deployed In Papua New Guinea

Tony Abbott in Papua New Guinea for the Pacific Islands Forum
Tony Abbott in Papua New Guinea for the Pacific Islands Forum
Australian Federal Police are closer to being deployed to the front-line in Papua New Guinea, with the two countries inching towards an agreement to deploy armed Australian officers in PNG’s lawless capital of Port Moresby.

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Australian Border Force and Federal Police Arrest a 19-year-old Cocaine Smuggler

A 19-year-old Brazilian national will appear before the Melbourne Magistrates Court today (20 August) charged with attempting to import four kilograms of cocaine into Australia through Melbourne Airport last weekend.

During an x-ray of the man’s luggage, ABF officers identified concealments in the base of two of his bags. The base of both bags were drilled and a white crystalline powder was found, which tested positive for cocaine. It has never been easier to confirm the identity of a drug like cocaine thanks to testing kits, the like of which can be found at countrywidetesting.com/collections/8-panel-drug-tests.

The man was then referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) who charged him with importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug, namely cocaine.

ABF Regional Commander Victoria and Tasmania, Don Smith, said this type of concealment is not unexpected. “Potential drug importers need to be aware that the Australian Border Force is alert to the most sophisticated concealments,” Mr Smith said.

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Australian Federal Police Walk Away From $145 Million Israeli Crime-fighting Software Deal

The Australian Federal Police dumped a $145 million plan to fight crime using software developed in the Middle Eastern flashpoints of Gaza and the West Bank after an intervention by Finance Department boss Jane Halton.


It is unclear how much of the tens of millions of dollars spent on the contract can be retrieved and what the federal police will do about a replacement for the current obsolete system.

The AFP will not say how much money has been spent to date.

The move is a rare example of a federal government agency moving to cut its losses when a procurement project gets into difficulty.

Despite the setback, the force insists it can have a replacement in service by 2019.

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AFP Has ‘Lost’ Munitions, Bullet-Proof Vests, Body Armour, Tasers and Handcuffs


The Australian Federal Police has lost almost 30 “controlled items” in the past year including munitions, body armour, bullet-proof vests, Tasers, batons, handcuffs and night-vision goggles, an audit into its firearms and armoury has revealed.

It is the second time since 2009 that the AFP has been warned that its stocktake procedures for guns and ammunition were of serious concern.

It follows allegations that ex-AFP members have taken controlled items with them after they left the organisation.

A spokesman for the AFP stressed that no guns were listed as lost or missing.

He said it had responded to the 15 recommendations made in the official audit and almost all had been implemented.

The AFP is investigating allegations that ex-officers had kept weapons after they left the force.

“The Western Australia Police arrested an individual in 2012 who was in possession of previously-unrecovered AFP controlled items,” the AFP spokesman said.

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Police Debunk the Old Myths About Reporting a Person As Missing

Police will use National Missing Persons Week to debunk the myths about reporting a missing person.

Sunday marks the start of National Missing Persons Week, an annual campaign to raise awareness of the issues and impacts surrounding missing persons.

The aim of this year’s campaign is to encourage people to follow their instincts when it comes to a friend or family member that has gone missing.

It is common for people think they need to wait 24 hours, 48 hours, or longer before they can make a missing persons report to police, but this is not true.

An estimated 35,000 people are reported missing to police each year, which equates to one person every 15 minutes.

According to figures from the Australian Federal Police, 99.5 per cent of these people are found and 85 per cent are found within a week of being reported missing.

About two-thirds of missing persons are under the age of 18 and most are found at a friend’s house.

Inspector Dubojski encouraged Hunter residents to become more aware of where their loved ones were and help prevent missing persons reports.

“Be aware of where your family are at all times, especially if they are ­vulnerable,” he said.

NSW Police Force will highlight one missing person profile each day during the campaign and so will the Mercury.

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For more information visit www.missingpersons.gov.au

Source: www.maitlandmercury.com.au

Fearless Officer Prevents Tragedy At Gold Coast Airport

Jeff Kremer heard someone yell “stop, stop”, then turned to see pandemonium break out at Gold Coast airport.

The former Victorian police officer was walking from the terminal at noon on Saturday when he saw a lone police officer running after a white sedan that was careering down the footpath as dozens of people dived out of the way.

“People were literally jumping for their lives,” Mr Kremer told AAP.

The driver braked and the pursuing officer, who is from NSW and was off duty, lunged through the car window, trying to snatch the keys.

He failed and the driver sped off again.

Mr Kremer said the car then suddenly reversed at the officer, who leapt of the way to avoid being hit.

“That officer had no fear, he just kept going,” Mr Kremer said.

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