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Clive Palmer Looking To Imprison Police Officers For ‘Death Penalty Tip-offs’?

Police officers who endanger Australians’ lives by tipping off their counterparts in countries where the death penalty is used would face up to 15 years in jail under legislation to be introduced into Parliament by Clive Palmer.

True Blue Line: our view is that the officers cannot have their hands tied behind their backs when fighting to keep dangerous drugs and drug dealers off our streets.

Source: www.theage.com.au

Labor candidate complains to Police about smear tactics during NSW election

Labor candidate Cameron Murphy complains to police about ‘paedophile supporter’ smear campaign during NSW election. The East Hills candidate was labelled a paedophile supporter in brochures, pamphlets and stickers spread through letter boxes and polling venues in the electorate. The result in East Hills is still in doubt, but Mr Murphy trails his Liberal opponent Glenn Brookes by less than 600 votes.

Source: www.abc.net.au