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New Jersey Police Association: Christie Politicizing Police With ‘Law Enforcement Appreciation Day’

Chris Christie - Governor of New Jersey
Chris Christie – Governor of New Jersey
From the too-little-too-late-department:

The New Jersey state police association rejected a move by Gov. Chris Christie to make tomorrow “Law Enforcement Appreciation Day,” accusing the Republican presidential candidate of politicizing police to gain traction in the national polls.

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Police Lives Matter – Heartwarming Gesture Lifts Spirits Of Louisiana Officer

New Orleans, LA – Nine-year-old Jayden Witsell’s been obsessed with law enforcement for as long as his mom can remember.

“Always, always, his first Halloween costume, he was three. He wanted to be a police officer,” said Angelique Witsell.

Jayden’s daily attire consists of dark pants, shoes, police pins and a belt. On his belt, he sports a fake radio, handcuffs and a security badge. It’s as close to the real thing as he can do for now.

Still, Jayden wanted to find a way to show all law enforcement how much he respects them.

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Police Deserve More Respect From the Public

Imagine going to work each day knowing that during your shift you may be spat on, swore at or physically attacked.

This is the unfortunate reality for many of our local law enforcement officers who stand in the front lines of danger each day and deal with some of our most difficult people.

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Detroit Police Chief, joins Greater Grace Temple’s Law Enforcement Appreciation and Prayer Day

Photo: Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, pastor of Greater Grace Temple, and Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

A local church held a “different” kind of church service Sunday morning.

A Michigan State Police vehicle on one side of the pulpit, police motorcycles parked on the other, and the pews filled with uniformed police officers and law enforcement personnel.

Source: michronicleonline.com