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Western Australian Schoolies and Toolies Evicted From Rottnest Island

Twenty-one school leavers and toolies (men in their 20s looking to party with school leavers) were booted off Rottnest Island this week, but police said that overall the behaviour of leavers was excellent. Continue reading Western Australian Schoolies and Toolies Evicted From Rottnest Island

Alice Springs: Police Fighting War On Booze In Australia’s ‘Murder Capital’


The battle lines in the war against booze in Alice Springs have been drawn.

By day police guard busy bottle shops to stem the flow to the most vulnerable. By night, weathered old white fellas sell cheap wine from their doorstep at double the price.

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Newtown Bars To Trial 3AM Lockout and Shots Ban

Marlborough Hotel in Newtown is one of the late-trading venues that has signed the accord
Marlborough Hotel in Newtown is one of the late-trading venues that has signed the accord

Patrons will be locked out of Newtown bars from 3am on weekends after publicans agreed to trial a suite of self-imposed restrictions designed to ward off late-night revellers and improve safety in the precinct.

Crime statistics show on-premises alcohol-related assaults in Newtown increased in the 12 months to March, but overall, alcohol-related violence in the area is stable. A recent Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research report said there was “little evidence” the lockouts had shifted violence to surrounding areas.

The lockout laws were passed to combat alcohol-fuelled violence following the deaths of Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie. Mr Kelly’s father, Ralph Kelly, founder of the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, said the announcement was “great news” and he congratulated venues on taking the initiative.

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Police Call For Blood Alcohol Limit In Victoria Reduced To Zero

Calls for the blood alcohol limit in Victoria to be reduced have gone a step further, with a senior policeman saying the limit should be zero.

“IF we’re serious about this we need to separate the behaviours of drinking and driving completely,” Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill said on Friday.

“If you’re planning to drink, plan not to drive.”

Under a 0.00 limit people would not be prosecuted until they reach 0.02 to acknowledge that some medications and sweets may contain alcohol, Mr Hill says.

Across the state, 25 per cent of road deaths are linked to drink driving.

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Alleged Drink Driver Crashes Into Victoria Police Van At Deer Park

An alleged drink driver has crashed his car into a police van in Melbourne’s west overnight.

The 23-year-old driver, who blew .056, crashed his Holden Commodore into a police van waiting to turn right into Fitzgerald Rd, Deer Park just after 7pm last night.

The Deer Park P-plater is expected to be charged on summons with careless driving, using a mobile phone while driving, drink driving and other traffic offences.

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Victoria Police Considering Alcohol Bans For Bail Conditions

The alcohol industry can be expected to push back against any attempt by Victoria to restrict or limit sales as part of policies that condemn alcohol-fuelled violence, say experts.

Victoria has the most liquor licences per capita of any state, and the number of “big box” liquor stores has risen from five in 1998 to more than 70, says Cate Car, the government’s executive director of liquor and gaming policy.

Drug and alcohol experts told a royal commission into family violence on Friday that a 10 per cent alcohol price rise in parts of Canada had reduced reports of violence by 10 per cent.

Victoria Police is considering US policies including drug and alcohol monitoring ankle bracelets or daily breath testing for alleged violent offenders in combination with drug and alcohol abstinence bail conditions.

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Source: www.heraldsun.com.au

Victorian Drink Drivers Who Blow Over .10 To Lose Cars Under New Penalties

Thousands of Victorians found boozed-up behind the wheel will have their cars impounded as police roll out harsh new drink-driving penalties.

An extra 67 drivers a week are ­expected to have their cars confiscated after police launch an unprecedented crackdown on first-time offenders who blow over .10.

Vehicles, even if not owned by the driver, and despite their value for example even a 1954 bel air chevrolet
will be impounded and drivers will have their licences cancelled for 10 months. Being caught will also be a hip-pocket hit with drunk drivers handed a $627 fine and any towing costs.

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Illawarra Police Happy With Safer Bars

Illawarra pubs and clubs are the safest they have been since at least 2007, according to data released on Friday. The ‘‘Violent Venues’’ list, collated by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, once again features zero local venues.

Wollongong police crime co-ordinator, Senior Sergeant Lisa Westwood, said police worked closely with venue owners, councils and other stakeholders to address alcohol-fuelled violence.

She said a prime focus was on ‘‘fail to quit’’ rules, where someone refusing to leave a venue could be issued a $550 on-the-spot fine.

‘‘There’s often a correlation between those offences and subsequent violence, so we work closely with licensees to address that,’’ Snr Sgt Westwood said.

Read the full story in the Illawara Mercury.

Source: www.illawarramercury.com.au

South Africans Against Drunk Driving: Make Booze Manufacturers And Distributors Liable

The South African government wants to make liquor traders, manufacturers and distributors legally liable for harm or damage caused by people who have drunk too much alcohol.

This is a proposal from Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies in a new discussion document in the Government Gazette dealing with proposed amendments to the Liquor Act.

The proposal has been welcomed by activist groups such as South Africans Against Drunk Driving, but insurance underwriters warned that it could open the liquor and hospitality industry to a range of new legal claims similar to medical malpractice suits.

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