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Fifteenth Anniversary of the Australia Day Police Tragedy

Cessna 310 (civilian), similar to the aircraft operated by WA Police

Australia Day 2001: four police officers onboard a Cessna aircraft (call-sign PolAir 64) are on a return flight to Newman after investigating a serious domestic disturbance in the remote Aboriginal community of Kiwirrkurra, near the border of Northern Territory.

What happened that night became the most tragic loss of lives in a single accident in the history of Western Australian Police. Continue reading Fifteenth Anniversary of the Australia Day Police Tragedy

Queensland Man Lasers a Police Helicopter but Claims He Thought It Was a UFO

A budding astronomer who said he shone a laser at a police helicopter because he thought it was a UFO, has been fined $1000.

Dong Young Yang, 40, was standing outside his Pimpama home on July 12 last year when he shone his laser pen at the PolAir helicopter which had its lights off.

In the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday Yang pleaded not guilty to the charge of threatening the safety of an aircraft but magistrate Michael Hogan downgraded the charge to interfering with a crew member in the performance of his duties.

Mr Hogan said in his evidence Yang had said he thought the police had come to help him because of the object. “As if he’s somehow being threatened by the object in the sky, I don’t accept that.”

Yang was found guilty and fined $1000, with a conviction to be recorded.

Read the full story in the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Source: www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au