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Australian Federal Police Plan To Use Drones To Track Down Drug and People Smugglers

Military drones could be deployed across Queensland and the Northern Territory to fight people smugglers and foreign drug dealers.

The nation’s top cops are urging the Australian Defence Force to launch unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) across northern Australia to help fight sophisticated criminals.

The drones, which can carry heat sensors, cameras and weapons, would be able to capture criminal acts but also free-up Customs and Australian Federal Police boats, which are highly visible. They could be launched from Navy ships.

People smuggling, illegal fishing, gun movement and drug smuggling – especially precursors for ice from Papua New Guinea – are growing problems for Federal Government agencies.

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Most Australians Happy With Government Watching Social Media To Stop Terror: Poll

Four out of five Australians say they are “comfortable” with government agencies monitoring social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to detect possible terrorist attacks, a survey has found.

The poll found that Australians are far more dubious, however, about social media monitoring by the private sector for the purpose of targeting advertising or offers: just 27 per cent said they felt comfortable with this.

The survey, carried out by Newspoll for the US-based technology giant Unisys, comes amid heightened concern about the use of social media by Islamic extremists to recruit followers and encourage and co-ordinate attacks.

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Australian Federal Police Tactical Group Raid Sydney House

Australian Federal Police officers were heard to shout “Drop the knife” before three loud bangs were heard during a raid on a home in Sydney’s west this afternoon.

The police surrounded a multi-level house not far away, yelling at those inside to make contact with them.

Tactical response officers with high-powered rifles were seen stalking the house which had a white Jeep in the driveway and a decorated Christmas tree in the garden.

After 1pm police stormed inside and were heard yelling “drop the knife” before three loud bangs were heard.

An AFP spokeswoman said the incident wasn’t terror related and there was no threat to the public.

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Australian Federal Police Not In A Position To Assist Jihadists And Their Families

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has defended its position on assisting Australians who travel abroad to fight in terrorist sects after allegations they refused to help the wife and children of notorious militant Khaled Sharrouf.

In a statement, an AFP spokeswoman said she could not comment on individual cases, but said the agency had no power to help Australians who travelled to Syria to fight for Islamic State.

“However, it should be noted that the AFP does not operate in Syria as it is an active and dangerous conflict zone, in which Australia has no consular presence,” the statement read.

“As such, the AFP is not in a position to provide assistance to Australians who choose to enter this area and seek assistance with their travel from Syria to a safer location.”

She said the AFP and the Government had repeatedly warned Australians against travelling to conflict zones in Iraq and Syria.

“Those who do so are fully aware of the risks and simply put themselves and others in danger,” she said.

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Former AFP Officer To Shine a Light On the Hidden Trauma of Police Work

Former federal police officer David Savage, new patron of the AUSPOL – Police Welfare Foundation, hopes his experience of post-traumatic stress disorder will help police officers doing it tough.

The physical injuries David Savage suffered when a child suicide bomber exploded beside him in Afghanistan proved a shadow of the trauma he would experience in his own mind. 

Mr Savage, a former federal police officer, was working for AusAID at Tarin Kowt when the 12-year-old boy detonated his vest several metres away in early 2012.

About 60 ball bearings tore into his flesh and critically injured every part of his body except his right arm. He also sustained a mild traumatic brain injury.

His phsyical struggle was compounded by post-traumatic stress disorder, which brought nightmares and flashbacks that saw him relive not only the explosion, but difficult experiences from more than two decades as a police officer. 

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Former Federal Police Commissioner Calls for Legalisation of Drugs

A former head of the AFP has called for the legalisation of illicit drug use.

Mick Palmer, who was the Australian Federal Police commissioner for seven years, said with the number of arrests and seizures increasing each year, it had become clear prohibition wasn’t working. 

He told Neil Mitchell while policing had improved, it’s had little effect on reducing the supply of drugs. Mr Palmer said society couldn’t police its way out of the problem.

Listen to the interview on 3AW.

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New Solomon Islands Police Station In Auki Opened With Help From RAMSI And AFP

The people of Malaita Province now have access to a modern, spacious and well-equipped police station with the opening of the Malaita Provincial Police Headquarters, worth AUD$1.8 million, in the provincial capital Auki today. The newly constructed  police station was officially opened yesterday.

Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) Special Coordinator Justine Braithwaite (DFAT) and Commander Greg Harrigan (AFP) handed over the new Headquarters to the Minister of Police, National Security and Correctional Services Peter Shanel Agovaka.

Speaking in Auki, the Special Coordinator said the opening of  the facility is proof of RAMSI’s commitment to see that the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force is well-supported and well-resourced.

The new Auki Police station was built by Manepuri Construction and was blessed by the Anglican Bishop of Malaita, the Right Reverend Sam Sahu.

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Source: www.sibconline.com.sb

Australian Federal Police To Visit Rote Island Amid Asylum Seeker Boat Claims

Three Australian Federal Police officers will visit the Indonesian island of Rote where six crew members are being detained on people smuggling charges, according to Indonesian police.

A boat with 65 people from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar seeking asylum in New Zealand was intercepted by Australian authorities last month and sent back to Indonesia.

The police chief from the Indonesian island of Rote, where the asylum seekers swum ashore after their boat hit rocks, said the six crew had told him Australian authorities had paid them US$5000 each, as reported by Fairfax Media yesterday.

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Tasmania Police Warns of Scam AFP Emails

Tasmania Police has warned the public of a potential scam email making the rounds.

The email claims to be from Australian Federal Police at Police, notice@affairmarketing.com, telling the recipient that there is photographic evidence of them possibly committing a traffic infringement.

It then tells the recipient to click on a link to “check out your intrusion info”…

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Street Price Of Ice Drops As Cooks Import Ingredients Legally – ‘Almost Like Bunnings’

The street price of ice has reportedly dropped significantly due to drug cooks importing chemical ingredients in bulk.

Detective Superintendent Nick Bingham, who is commander of an operation that targets organised crime, said that drug syndicates can easily get their hands on larger quantities of ingredients because the chemicals are not illegal, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

‘It’s almost like buying chemicals from Bunnings,’ he said. 

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