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French Police Admit Mistakes In Response To Paris Terror Attacks


After weeks of mourning, solemn commemorations and debate, France is finally turning its attention to the alleged shortcomings of its police response on the night of terror in Paris on November 13 when Islamist gunmen killed 130 people and injured several hundred. Continue reading French Police Admit Mistakes In Response To Paris Terror Attacks

Australia’s Active-Shooter Lessons From The Paris Attacks

While it is early stages in any investigation, it appears that there was no hostage-taking incident at the Bataclan concert hall Paris on 13 November 2015. It was simply three men actively engaged in killing people in a confined and populated area: an active shooter attack. Continue reading Australia’s Active-Shooter Lessons From The Paris Attacks

NSW Police Headquarters Shooter Identified, Linked To Terrorism

Forensics at the NSW Police headquarters
Forensics at the NSW Police headquarters

The teenager who fatally shot a New South Wales Police Force employee, Curtis Cheng, has been identified as Farhad Jabar Khalil Mohammad.

Continue reading NSW Police Headquarters Shooter Identified, Linked To Terrorism

We Have An Active Shooter Here: Lafayette Theater 911 Calls and Radio


The urgent call went out across a police radio only minutes after gunfire erupted inside a Lafayette movie theatre: The suspect was inside an auditorium and had reloaded his gun.

“We have an active shooter here,” one officer said, calling for help from others with rifles. “Listen, we need everybody over here. Send anybody you got.”

“Take it easy,” another officer interjected. “Everybody is en route. We’re coming.”

Police radio transmissions released Thursday — a week after the rampage — show that John Russell Houser was dead within four minutes of a dispatcher broadcasting his bare-bones description: white male, white shirt, khaki shorts.

While many of the 911 callers appear to be out of breath, they also seemed remarkably collected as they relayed gruesome details of what the victims were wearing or where on their bodies were shot.

Read more in Times Colonist or watch the ABC report.

Chattanooga Active Shooter Incident Leaves Four Marines Dead, Police Officer Injured

Four marines and a gunman have been shot dead in two attacks by the same gunman on military recruitment centres in suburban Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It is understood three others have been wounded, included a police officer who was shot in the ankle.

The gunman open fire on a military recruitment centre in a suburban strip mall with what has been described as a high-powered rifle at around 10.45am. He was pursued to a second site – described as a Navy reserve centre – around 10 kilometres away where he killed four marines, and where he was killed about half an hour later.

Read more in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Source: www.smh.com.au

NSW General Duties Police Officers Will Get Active Shooter Response Training

All police officers in NSW will be trained to take down an armed offender during a terrorist attack or mass shooting.

Police sources say the four-day course, to be delivered to more than 12,000 police officers starting next month, will involve unprecedented training aimed at preparing them for an active shooter scenario in the wake of the increased terror threat.

It comes eight months after NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch conceded general duties police officers across NSW were not equipped to handle a mass shooting scenario.

Police sources say officers will also be trained to use long-armed rifles from next year, teaching them to take out an offender at long-range, following the rollout of this year’s training using standard police-issued Glock pistols.

NSW Police Association president Scott Weber said the training was “well overdue” and was needed to help protect Sydney from a terror attack.

Read more in The Daily Telegraph.

Source: www.dailytelegraph.com.au

St. George Police Provide First-Hand Look At Active Shooter Response Training

The St. George Police Department (Utah) conducted force-on-force, scenario-based drills Wednesday during its annual department-wide, full-scale active shooting training at Desert Hills High School to train and prepare law enforcement for real life scenarios.

For the first time, the Police Department opened a portion of the training to the media, providing a backstage pass and up-close look at how the department trains and prepares for these life or death situations.

Its unique training because, obviously, were preparing for the worst of the worst, St. George Police Sgt. Sam Despain said.

As tragic public shooting events have continued to increase across the nation, the demand and need for law enforcement to receive active shooter response training, to show officers how to effectively and safely respond to an active shooter event, has become critical.

Whilst training and preparing for active shooter situations are highly important, making sure the officers have appropriate body armor carriers is something that also needs to be checked. Officers facing an active shooter will want to know that they’re as protected as possible when they’re risking their lives.

When a person is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area, the situation is unpredictable, as there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims, and these situations evolve quickly.

Nonetheless, there are steps law enforcement can take to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to victims, and St. George News was given the opportunity to experience firsthand what its like to be a police officer in an active shooter situation.

We want to show people how we train what we prepare for and let you guys experience it, Despain said.

The police are also hoping that the exercise shows the severity of a shooting and that it encourages them to have an active shooter plan in their business.

The St. George Police Department equipped participants with police gear, including a rifle and a duty belt with a pistol, a Taser and pepper spray and let participants decide what tools they would use in different situations.

The first scenario involved an active shooter in a chaotic movie theater environment designed to make officers have to think quickly, act quickly, and make decisions to determine, Despain said, whos a threat, whats a threat and whats not a threat.

Watch the report on KCSG TV.

Source: www.kcsg.com

Adelaide’s East Terrace Siege: Tourist Reveals Horror of Being Caught Up In Shooting

An English tourist has revealed his horror at being caught up in a city siege in which an alleged armed robber was shot.

John McCoy said he and his fiancee woke to the sounds of the siege about 5am on Saturday, and he initially thought there was a gunman on the balcony of where the couple were staying, in the Public Schools Club on East Tce.

“It was a very distressing experience and not something you would ever expect to go through,” Mr McCoy said.

Read more in Adelaide Now.

Source: www.adelaidenow.com.au

Timeline: How Dallas Police Attack Unfolded

A shooting at the Dallas Police Department headquarters that began early Saturday lead to a lengthy standoff with a lone gunman, who was later shot and killed by a sniper

Here is how the events unfolded on June 13th. All times local .

12:30 a.m: Gunfire is reported outside the Dallas Police Department’s headquarters. Police initially believe multiple suspects are involved, but later say the attack was by a single man.

12:44 a.m.: The lone gunman is chased to a Jack in the Box parking lot in Hutchins, Texas, just south of Dallas where the standoff began. There is another exchange of gunfire between the suspect and police. The suspect refuses to exit the vehicle and a perimeter is established. Police are concerned the suspect has explosives in his van.

Read the rest and watch the reports on USA Today. WFAA, ABC News and Dallas News, Follow Dallas Police Department on Twitter for more updates.

Source: www.usatoday.com