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ACT Police Minister Simon Corbell Says Predecessor’s Resignation ‘Unprecedented’

New ACT Police and Emergency Services Minister Simon Corbell has described the incident that led to the resignation of his predecessor as “unprecedented”. Continue reading ACT Police Minister Simon Corbell Says Predecessor’s Resignation ‘Unprecedented’

ACT Police Minister Joy Burch’s Chief of Staff Resigns Over Approach To Police

ACT Police Minister Joy Burch’s most senior adviser has quit after it was revealed she briefed a powerful construction union boss about a meeting between Ms Burch and the territory’s chief police officer. Continue reading ACT Police Minister Joy Burch’s Chief of Staff Resigns Over Approach To Police

ACT Government Worried About the New Facial Recognition System


In September the government promised to put $18.5 million towards the creation of a national facial biometric matching capability for law enforcement agencies.

Continue reading ACT Government Worried About the New Facial Recognition System

Jail Sentence for Stun Gun Disguised As Phone Overturned On Appeal

A Canberra woman convicted of possessing a stun gun disguised as a smart phone has had her jail sentence overturned on appeal.

The ACT Supreme Court this week ordered the three month suspended sentence imposed on Bertha Elizabeth Chatfield, 45, by Magistrate Robert Cook be set aside.

Chatfield was instead ordered to sign an 18-month good behaviour order.

The decision, by Chief Justice Helen Murrell, said a police raid on Chatfield’s home located the stun gun, which looked like a smart phone, in a drawer of her bedroom.

The magistrate determined the offence had been medium range of objective seriousness.

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Source: www.smh.com.au

Credit Card Knives At Canberra Airport Behind Arrest Rise

Credit card knives have been seized at booming rates across Australian airports this year, with 20 times the number of 12 months ago.

Labelled the latest fad by one criminologist, Canberra Airport’s problem with the streamlined knives has tripled in just the last six months.

The disguised knives and live ammunition were also among the main reasons behind the tripling of arrests or cautions at Canberra Airport in 2014, figures released under freedom of information laws this week showed.

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Veteran Sergeant Reflects On His Career As He Leaves ACT Police After 33 Years

Sergeant Neit is one of a group of departing ACT Policing veterans, many of whom have resisted moves to federal policing and stayed local, despite a perception it hinders career progression. 

It includes the highly-respected detective sergeant Bob Wynn, head of the exhibit management centre Ashley McCammon, crime manager Robert Krajina, and media team leader Peter Brewer.

“There’s about 150 years of policing experience going out the door this week,” Sergeant Neit said.

“Sometimes it is a shame that it goes out the door and it is just lost.”

An entirely different world existed for Canberra’s police when Sergeant Neit decided to join up in his early 20s, one he believes was actually more violent, more rough-and-tumble.

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Canberra Police Officer’s Monaro Highway Near-miss Sparks Fatigue Warning

A Canberra police officer has filmed what they say could have been a head-on collision with a car carrying two young children.

The ACT Policing traffic operations officer was driving along the Monaro Highway over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend when faced with an oncoming four-wheel drive dangerously trying to overtake another car. 

The footage shows the oncoming car travelling towards the officer on the wrong side of the road. The officer pulls off the road just before the four-wheel drive makes a last-minute merge back into its lane.

ACT Policing have used the video to warn drivers of the dangers of fatigue, particularly travellers heading between Canberra and the snowfields, saying the near-miss could have resulted in multiple road deaths.

The footage has emerged a day after police called on Canberrans to slow down and stay alert in wet weather, following a deadly week on the ACT’s slippery roads including two deaths and 43 crashes as of 1pm Thursday. 

A man died in hospital after his car crashed into a tree in Farrer early Thursday morning, less than 24 hours after a 31-year-old man died in a crash on Erindale Drive on Wednesday afternoon.

ACT Policing said the occupants of the oncoming car included two adults and two young children. They were returning from a weekend at the snow.

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Source: www.brisbanetimes.com.au

Domestic Violence Court Could Help Victims Recover: Families ACT Forum

Creating a specialised domestic violence court focusing on victim welfare could help address the “most important social issue in Australia”, an ACT forum has heard.

About 40 people working at the coalface tackling domestic violence shared their knowledge at the Families ACT forum on Tuesday in a bid to identify good practice.

Families ACT executive officer Will Mollison said often victims didn’t get the support they needed when it reached the legal system with measures like restraining orders sometimes escalating violence.

“If you view domestic violence through the lens of a control issue sometimes that can cause it to escalate,” he said.

“In extreme cases we see the tragic consequences where women are killed when they try to protect themselves.”

ACT Victims of Crime Commissioner John Hinchey, Australian Federal Police Jo Cameron, Domestic Violence Crisis Service executive director Mirjana Wilson and YWCA Canberra CEO Frances Crimmins were on the forum’s panel.

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Source: www.smh.com.au

Canberra’s String of Armed Robberies Triggers Police Warning: We Will Hunt You Down

Police have a message for the offenders behind a string of violent armed robberies across the capital: we will hunt you down.

Canberra workers confronted by violent robbers in recent weeks could face lasting psychological impacts including anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, Victims of Crime says.

Police are hunting multiple offenders after more than a dozen armed robberies, most at small businesses, throughout the ACT since the start of May.

Victims have had machetes held to their throats, cuts slashed on their arms and syringes waved in their faces.

ACT Victims of Crime commissioner John Hinchey said the agency had received extra calls related to armed robberies and while some victims recovered quickly, others were deeply distressed.

“The trauma symptoms following an armed robbery may not manifest for some time but could include anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder,” he said.

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Police Should Use Social Media When Young Witnesses Go Missing: Judge

Prosecutors who were unable to track down witnesses to a serious alleged drunken assault in Civic should have used social media sites like Facebook, a judge has said. The failure to take all reasonable steps to track down the three witnesses means their statements about the alleged assault, which left a young Canberran with a skull fracture and brain injury, have been tossed out of court.

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Source: www.canberratimes.com.au