Lest we forget

Australian Defence Force Veteran barred from joining WA Police Force over neck tattoo

An ADF veteran is calling for WA Police tattoo policy reforms after his application to join the force was turned down because of a “Lest We Forget” tattoo on his neck, The West Australian reports. Ryan Banting had the Anzac homage tattooed on the right side of his neck after serving six years in the Australian Defence Force and a further four years as a reservist. He said the tattoo reminded him and those around him to be grateful for the freedom they had and he was upset to hear it was that very sign of respect that would prevent him from progressing with the recruitment process. Mr Banting said he was disappointed his hopes of joining the police, an endeavour he had been considering for several years, had been crushed. “If you go on the (WA Police) website to apply there’s nothing on there that states if you have tattoos, don’t apply,” he said.
In 2015, The West Australian reported that all visible tattoos would be banned in a new policy. Section 11 of the recruitment application specifically asks for a list of tattoos, but does not specify what tattoos are allowed. “The latest iteration of the WA Police Body Art and Modifications policy was introduced in April 2015 as a result of the increasing prevalence of tattoos and other body modifications in the community,” a WA Police spokesman said. Source: https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/tatts-a-disgrace-former-digger-barred-from-joining-wa-police-over-neck-tattoo-ng-b881148781z

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