The feather of the huia, for someone special. One dearly departed.

Australia, New Zealand and Pasifika Police Remembrance Day 2018

The feather of the huia, for someone special. One dearly departed.

We pause to remember police officers who were killed in the line of duty or died as a result of their duties. We remember and acknowledge their ultimate sacrifice. 


The following names have been added to the national honour roll, in reverse chronological order:

First Constable Dennis Michael GREEN, WA Police, 7th December 2017

First Class Constable Dennis ‘Den’ Green sustained fatal injuries when his police motorcycle left the road and crashed into a tree in West Toodyay. Officers with him and paramedics gave first aid but he died from his injuries. First Class Constable Green worked with the Traffic Enforcement Group based at Warwick.

Senior Constable James Leslie DUNSCOMBE, Victoria Police, 11th December 2004

The 23 year-veteran of the force collapsed while responding to a burglary alarm at the Corio Primary School in Hendy Street, Corio. Another officer called for backup and commenced chest compressions on Senior Constable Dunscombe, continuing this into the ambulance and whilst on-route to the Geelong Hospital. He ceased this upon arrival at the Hospital after performing approximately 50 minutes of continuous compressions. Senior Constable Dunscombe was pronounced deceased at the Geelong Hospital shortly after this.

Constable Gary KEPPLER, WA Police, 8th November 1995

Constable Keppler collapsed during a training run and died in hospital. He was ill at the time and the coroner found that he had over-exerted himself.

First Constable George William CARTER, Victoria Police, 21st July 1952

About 10:00am on 28 December, 1949 First Constable Carter was on duty riding a police motor cycle south on Malvern Road, Malvern East, approaching the intersection with Winton Road, when a car cut in front of his motorcycle. Carter braked and his motor cycle collided with the front of the car. Carter was thrown to the road and rendered unconscious. Carter was bedridden from the time of the accident and never returned to work, having suffered multiple severe fractures and other injuries. On 21st July 1952 Carter died at the Austin Hospital.

Constable John Patrick KEARNEY, Queensland Police, 18th January 1914

John Kearney drowned in the execution of his duties whilst off duty attempting to save the life of Joseph Green after a pleasure cruise boat capsized in the Bremer River at Booval.

Sub-Inspector George Arthur EPPINGSTALL, Tasmania Police, 21st November 1896

44-year-old Sub-Inspector George Eppingstall died on 21 November 1896 when returning to Spring Bay Municipal Police from Maria Island where he had supervised the sale of seized property. The boat he was travelling in hit a severe storm and Sub-Inspector Eppingstall and the five other men on-board all drowned at sea. Superintendent Joseph McCluskey, who is listed on the National Police Memorial, also drowned in the boating tragedy.

Constable Denis Robert RYAN, Queensland Police, 22nd April 1881

Constable Denis Ryan drowned after being washed overboard whilst transferring police horses from the steamship Katoomba to the mainland near Port Douglas.

Sergeant Edward LEONARD, Victoria Police, 18th August 1869

Sergeant 1st Class Edward Leonard died from double pneumonia, continuing his duties despite being very ill. He was stationed at Geelong at the time of his death.

Trooper Robert WILLIAMSON, Tasmania Police, 20th February 1867

The twenty-five-year-old Trooper Williamson was riding horseback in rural Bothwell when a large tree fell across him and his horse. His back was broken severely and he died three hours later. His horse died instantly.

Chief District Constable John King PERCY, Tasmania Police, 7th August 1866

Chief District John King Percy was found drowned at the West Inlet, Circular Head on 7 August 1866, after attempting to cross the inlet too low down at high water. The much-respected officer mounted his horse to return home after serving a summons but did not make it. A search conducted the next day located the deceased’s body lying on a beach together with his deceased horse. Chief District Constable Percy’s faithful dog waited on the beach near his master’s body for about 31 hours until he was located. The deceased left behind a wife and five small children, the youngest being six weeks old.

Constable James James McCULLOGH, Tasmania Police, 2nd July 1851

Constable James McCullogh was murdered while attempting to stop a robbery at a property near Buckland on 2 July 1851. On 9/10 July 1851, the Tasmanian Colonist and Courier Hobart reported Constable McCullogh’s death as a ‘foul murder’ under the ‘most savage circumstances’ and ‘no discovery of the atrocious villain has yet been made’. The Police Magistrate at the time offered a reward of £50 and the Police Force and residents on the neighbourhood contributed an extra £30 for information on the murderer.

District Constable Thomas SMITH, Tasmania Police, 31 October 1844

District Constable Thomas Smith drowned after being thrown overboard during a violent storm.

Constable Thomas SMITH, Tasmania Police, 4th February 1835

Constable Smith was murdered by bushranger Brown on 4 February 1835, he was subsequently honoured with a public funeral in which police and military attended.

New Zealand Police

Employees of New Zealand Police who died
in the past year while in service.

Constable Christopher William ASHTON, 2015-2018
Constable David William BARCLAY, 2006-2018
Sergeant Neil Frederick MANSILL, 1992-2018
Senior Sergeant Kris Evan BURBERY, 1982-2018
Detective Gregory Shaun BURGESS, 1997-2017
Kieth STUBLEY, 2011-2018
Vivek VARMA, 2013-2018
Sergeant Geoffrey Scott WINTER, 1997-2017
Senior Constable Stefan Boyd WITEHIRA, 1997-2017
Wendy Joy WRIGLEY, 1981-2018

Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary

Constable Jack JEFFERY, 4th July 2018
Senior Constable Melvin BEN, 6th June 2018
Sergeant Aluba PHILIP, 18th January 2018
Constable Vailau CLEMENT, 12th December 2017
Sergeant Marita WILLIAM, 12th December 2017
First Constable Andy KOTANGE, 30th September 2017
Constable Kundu DAVID, 30th September 2017

Samoa Police Service

Inspector Maotaoalii Kaioneta KITIONA, 22nd January 2018

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