United Nations & Overseas Policing Association of Australia statement in relation to Barry Urban MP – Member for Darling Range

UNOPAA statement in relation to Barry Urban MP – Member for
Darling Range.

Now that Mr Barry Urban MP has delivered his address to the Western Australian Parliament on the last day at Parliament sitting. The UNOPAA wish to respond to Mr Urban’s claims and comments.

The UNOPAA strongly support the actions yesterday or the Premier of Western Australia who stated. “…the fact that his explanation was not comprehensive enough. I am referring him now to the procedure and privileges committee”.

We have continued to follow the response (or lack of) from Mr Urban NP and the National Executive at the UNOPAA believe it is now up to Mr Urban to respond correctly to either prove or disprove the claims made. Not just make some overarching claims in Parliament under privilege

The UNOPAA Executive are aware that some of our members who are themselves distinguished investigators and former Detectives have continued to seek confirmation of the claims made by Mr Urban including his time as a War Crimes investigator and his University qualifications. Based upon information outlined in Mr Urban’s response to Parliament, we are also aware of Mr Urban stating he has PTSD due to his Police service.

It this is, in fact, the case then the UNOPAA hope he can be supported and receive treatment ior this most debilitating and cruel condition. Many at our membership do suffer from PTSD as a result of their operational Police service both overseas and in Australia. the UNOPAA does everything in its power to support these members and help them to obtain appropriate treatment.

However, if the claim is bogus and made in an attempt to remove pressure from Mr Urban‘s other claims then we suggest he has sunk to an ever lower level and if continued then should consider his position in representing the people at Western Australia in State parliament.

We urge the Privileges Committee to fully examine Mr Urban’s claim and urge them to further investigate if Mr Urban has previously sought to have his PTSD diagnosed by a qualified practitioner.

We do understand the nature at PTSD and we do appreciate that these are delicate situations. Every one of our members who suffer this debilitating condition have substantial medical records which are interrogated by insurance, policing and government agencies .

We see it as only fair in this situation that as he has used his condition to justify his actions, that this line of enquiry is undertaken.

We remind the general public of the ongoing offence, hurt and disregard the sitting Member for Daring Range,  Barry Urban, has caused by wearing the Police Overseas Service Medal,  a medal he was not permitted to wear, a medal he had no right to wear and a medal that holds a special place in Australia’s Overseas Service medals and the high public esteem they are viewed.

Mr Urban’s actions have highlighted that there is an urgent need to protect the wearing of not only the POSM but all awards issued under the Australian Honours system. Not just those issued to members of the Australian Defence Force. The UNOPAA will work hard with our partner Associations to request the Federal Government to introduce legislation to make such actions a Criminal Offence with considerable penalties.

Mick Travers
National President

This is a statement by United Nations and Overseas Policing Association of Australia.

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  1. https://youtu.be/cqiTE15ecQk

    Barry Urban Statement.

    No excuse for lying to the people of WA then lying about the medal he purchased.
    Lie after lie.
    If McGowan knew he had PTSD how could he have been nominated for a stressful job.
    I know people who genuinely have PTSD from real service – if Urban is lying about this as well he is scum.
    Funny how the Labor Party is protecting him.
    Sure the CFMEU are not too happy to have put this liar forward to represent the people of Darling Range.

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