NSW Police Officer Is Helping Trauma Teddies Reach Children In Times Of Need

When we think about traumatic experiences we often consider the adults involved but how do police help the children on the front line of life’s hardest moments?

One way they do this is by using something called Trauma Teddies. They’re basically knitted bears that help bring comfort to children when they need it the most.

New South Wales Police Officer Emma Whitmill is leading the way when it comes to Trauma Teddies in the state, creating a whole community for them called Em’s Friends.

“I originally had seen things through the Red Cross and other agencies. At my last station, you see domestics and how kids are affected — or not affected, which can almost be more concerning,” Whitmill told The Huffington Post Australia.

According to the Red Cross the concept was created in 1990 by then superintendent of Campbelltown ambulance service Richard Hamilton. The officer had seen a child being given a teddy bear by the ambulance service in Camden and was immediately impressed by the calming effect the bear had on the child

Read more inĀ The Huffington Post Australia.

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