NSW Police ignored expert advice about hair sample and sacked drug-tested officer

A single strand of hair that destroyed the life of a long-serving Sydney police officer has the potential to influence the future of not just the entire NSW Police Force but all workplaces across NSW.

Sergeant George Zisopoulos insists he has been wrongly dismissed due to one of his hair follicles which returned a positive drug test reading. Even though Sargeant Zisopoulos has said that he was wrongfully dismissed, some say that the hair drug test can be very accurate. And this may be one of the reasons why many employers use it during the hiring process, as it has the ability to present employers, or in this case law enforcement with a precise reading. However, some people have different theories about whether this drug test actually works. While we’re on the topic of drug tests, if someone is caught with marijuana, for example, and the use of it is not legal in their country/state, then this will be against the law. People know this, but still continue to do this. With this being said, there are ways to get this drug out of someone’s system before a drug test. Read more for more information on how to avoid failing a drug test.

Leading forensic experts have cast doubts over the decision to sack Sergeant Zisopoulos, concluding there is no evidence the substances found on his hair were ingested and that the minute readings may have been caused by external contamination. For this reason, it is thought that this particular hair drug test result cannot be relied on as evidence that the officer had used the substance.

The mounting evidence of environmental exposures to drugs like methylamphetamine or carfentanil will put the livelihoods of thousands of officers and civilians alike at risk. With other officers exposed such drugs that could easily contaminate them, putting them and their jobs at risk, some have suggested the use of hair follicle shampoo and other products to provide contamination.

Read more in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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