Wangaratta Police Given Tasers


Wangaratta police officers now have access to Tasers, giving them another option to avoid using guns.

Police began rolling out the devices last week after about nine months of training in their use.

The devices can only be used when officers believe they will prevent death or serious injury. 

Deputy Commissioner Wendy Steendam said simply drawing a Taser often diffused a situation. 

Wangaratta Inspector David Ryan said Tasers filled a gap in the kits carried by police members.

“It’s an option between the use of spray and the use of lethal force,” he said.

“There has always been a gap there in that process.

“Spray doesn’t affect everyone. The need to immobilise someone very quickly happens on a fairly regular occurrence.

“Before these devices were available, police were essentially required to go hands-on with the offender or the person they were trying to disable.

“Having these conductive energy devices will hopefully eliminate the need to move to lethal force.”

Read more in Border Mail.

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