Details Of True Blue Line Suspension of Operations

We want to remain on social media, however we are switching to a new platform and leaving both Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter has recently ramped up shadow banning (i.e. underhanded censorship) of individual posts. Shadow banned posts are visible to users who posted them but do not appear in other timelines. Twitter has created blacklists to ensure that some accounts are less visible and some of their posts are not visible at all.

I can’t tell if True Blue Line is being targeted by Twitter but I have seen the evidence of other accounts’ posts being shadow banned. It would be unreasonable to hope that this practice will not become increasingly more widespread.

Facebook has for years engaged in very intensive censorship (removing posts, pages and groups), making it a very hostile place to run a special interest group or a business page. Hint: if you are running a mental health support group, get off Facebook as soon as possible.

I cannot of course reasonably expect any semblance of free speech to be allowed by corporations. Unless they are classified as utilities, the corporations (such as Twitter and Facebook) have the final say on what is allowed. Evidence found so far indicates that terrorist propaganda and racist hate speech are welcome by Twitter and Facebook, while reasonable discussions on depression, mental health or politics are suppressed.

In protest, I took the decision to pro-actively suspend the accounts: all posts to @TrueBlueLine and @FrontLineBlue will cease immediately, including Australian and Canadian Police Notices, Aussie Police News Wraps (police blotter), tweets and retweets. Aussie Police News Wraps will still continue to be posted on the website. I intend for this protest to last for at least 2 weeks. If the situation doesn’t improve, the suspension will continue… indefinitely. No more business will be conducted with Twitter and Facebook, and all advertising campaigns were pulled this morning. Posting to @OneWallForAll will continue.

Western Australia Police – you’re put on notice. If certain stations/media officers (you know who you are) continue to ignore or mistreat their followers, you will see the number of followers drop. Don’t bungle the great project you’ve started, remember that its success depends on how you approach your followers.

I believe that sooner or later, the U.S. congress will pass a bill that will severely restrict encryption, making all Internet connections to and from U.S. insecure and thereby exposing all customers of U.S.-based corporations to security breaches. I hope it will not come to pass (it would effectively isolate commercial interests of businesses in the United States from the rest of the world) but I do want to prepare for this scenario by creating an independent secure social network, based in Europe or New Zealand. There are over 1,000 hacking attempts directed at TBL, it would be less than ideal if all attempts became successful.

I also want to create a safer network, one that cannot be easily infiltrated by certain group of bent cops from New South Wales. I’m not generalising, the New South Wales Police Force is a great organisation, but the small group of rotten apples continues to ruin its reputation.

The new social media platform will cater to police, fire, ambulance, support and general public accounts. I’ll create a mailing list to allow everyone to exchange ideas and suggestions: let’s talk about making a better social network that’s perfect for you.

I’m currently considering the “GNU Social” platform which is similar to Twitter, it’s free from advertising, and has configurable limits on characters in posts. A small team of developers will begin experimenting with the new platform shortly. I hope that True Blue Line will re-open shortly to allow user registrations to the public and private sections of the network. The network will be capable of “forwarding” posts to Twitter.

In the end, at some point in the future when we integrate the new network, we will start to re-post to True Blue Line and Frontline accounts on Twitter and Facebook, but our main focus will be the new, still unnamed, network.

Big thanks to our friends for helping True Blue Line carry out its mission. More status updates will be released soon.

Mac & Joanne


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