Sydney Taxi Driver Fined By Police for Wearing Wrongly Coloured Shoes

Sydney cabbie Pierre Chahoud was busted for his shocking shoe slip up at the city’s Star casino early last month, reported the Daily Telegraph.

Waiting at the casino’s cab rank, Mr Chahoud said he was approached by a police officer at about 7am.

“He saw me wearing my brown shoes and said, ‘You’re not in your proper uniform … and you are in a no-stopping zone,’” Mr Chahoud said.

“Then he said ‘If you have a good record I will only give you the smaller fine for the shoes.’”

Sure enough, Mr Chahoud received just the one fine, for the shoes, amounting to $100. But when he decided to pursue the matter NSW Police took a step backwards (presumably not in brown shoes) and annulled the footwear fine.

While wearing an incorrect uniform was indeed an offence, the Government did away with the penalty in December as part of a wider reform that also legalised ride-sharing service UberX in the state.


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