Perth Man Imprisoned for 30 Months For Assaulting Hospital Security Officers


A 52 year old man has been jailed for two and a half years after he was charged by WA Police in relation to an assault on Security Officers at Royal Perth Hospital in July 2015.

The man and a female companion had been seen by Security Officers acting suspiciously within the hospital. It was alleged in court that he refused to leave the premises when asked to do so, and assaulted two of them. One of the Security Officers received a cut to one of his eyebrows as the man was holding a makeshift weapon at the time he was struck. The hospital security personnel managed to restrain the man and called WA Police to the scene.

Police Officers attended the hospital and took the man into custody. He was charged with two counts of Assault Person Working in a Hospital, and one count of Disorderly Behaviour.

He was recently jailed for 18 months and 12 months for the two assault charges, meaning he will serve two and a half years in total, and was fined $750 in relation to the disorderly behaviour matter.

Source: WA Police.

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