LA Police Testing Knife Found On Old O.J. Simpson Property


LA police are testing a knife said to have been found at a former home of OJ Simpson, whose acquittal at his 1995 murder trial captivated the US.

Someone claiming to be a construction worker gave an off-duty police officer the knife some years ago and he kept it, thinking the case was closed.

At a news conference at LAPD headquarters Friday morning, Capt. Andy Neiman said the officer was a traffic cop and was working on a movie set when he was given the knife.

Detectives learned of the knife’s existence last month, and the Robbery-Homicide Division is now testing it for DNA and hair samples.

Simpson had been accused of killing his ex-wife and her friend in June of 1994.

But a jury found the former American football star not guilty after a dramatic televised trial.

Read more at BBC News.

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