Unmarked Police Car With “My Family” Stickers Sparks “Outrage”

From Gold Coast Bulletin: An unmarked police car with “My Family” stickers has sparked “widespread outrage” and gone viral on social media after it was photographed in Surfers Paradise. 

The grey Hyundai i40 has been snapped on the Gold Coast Hwy and on Orchid Ave in the past five days.

Jamie Boehm helpfully posted photos of the car on social media after spotting it and since then the photo has been shared more than 10,000 times.

Mr Boehm said he wanted to warn motorists of the new tactics police were undertaking.

“I couldn’t believe how cheeky it was so I grabbed a quick photo — the police asked what I was doing — I just let him know I was taking a photo,” he said.


“I’m really overwhelmed with how many people have shared the photo.”

Thousands of comments have been posted on the photo with most people slamming police for being “sneaky” and “revenue raising”.

Senior police spokesperson said it’s not illegal for the Police to disguise unmarked cars. 

The poll on the web page asked “Should cops be able to disguise their unmarked vehicles?”, collecting 66% of Yes votes.

Gold Coast Road Policing Unit boss Senior Sergeant Bradyn Murphy said that if motorists were doing the right thing it shouldn’t be an issue.

The “outrage” was followed by some clear thinking and intelligent comments:

  • I am a bit confused. If you are not breaking the law, then what is the problem. It is called and referred to as an unmarked police car or undercover police car. The car is not supposed to be recognised as a police car. I personally do not see what the outrage is. If the police have to do this to stop people speeding and doing the wrong thing, then I say go for it. They may just stop someone who would have otherwise caused an accident, or God forbid a death. Police have my support all the way. Well done.
  • I can’t believe there are so many morons out there who can actually read! An ‘unmarked police car’ is an unmarked police car. Don’t you idiots get it? It’s not supposed to look like a police car!! That’s so they can catch morons…

Editor’s note: unmarked cars are used for your protection, saving you from making fatal mistakes. These cars are not used by the Australian Taxation Office for “revenue raising”.

One thought on “Unmarked Police Car With “My Family” Stickers Sparks “Outrage””

  1. This is the only way to catch drivers doing things they would not do in front of a marked police car – you know the ones who tailgate and cut in and out of traffic, run red lights and stop signs. Habitual bad drivers need to be removed from our roads – for life – follow them till they’ve racked up a 1000 points – get them off the road! Please.

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