Police Mostly Satisfied With Behaviour of New Year’s Eve Revellers Across Australia

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Police across Australia have praised the behaviour of New Year’s Eve revellers. Although the number of arrests were down, it was still a very demanding night for police and paramedics.


While Australian Capital Police were generally pleased with the behaviour of revellers, Superintendent Ben Cartwright said he was particularly disappointed in the numbers of young people “congregating in [the] city well into the early hours of the morning”.

One man was arrested after the alleged arson of a four-wheel-drive on London Circuit and a group of 15 underage drunks were taken into protective custody for public intoxication, possessing or consuming alcohol.


Queensland’s New Year’s Eve revellers have been praised by police for their behaviour with arrests down compared to previous celebrations.

Across the state police arrested 536 people, mostly for public order and drug related offences, 100 fewer than the previous year.

A total of 231 street and liquor infringement notices were issued throughout Queensland.

New South Wales

Responsible and positive: that’s how New South Wales Police Force is describing most Sydneysiders at the conclusion of the New Year’s Eve police operation.

New Year’s Eve revellers in Sydney celebrated responsibly, with police and health professionals saying the message about alcohol-fuelled violence is beginning to sink in.

Arrests were down (about 30 people were arrested) compared to previous years and while NSW Ambulance paramedics were busy, call-outs mainly related to minor injuries.

Northern Territory

About 130 police officers were on duty overnight keeping people safe in Darwin

“Police experienced a fairly demanding evening and early morning period as partygoers welcomed in the new year across the Territory but we anticipated this and had police on duty at the right times.”

“The majority of people were well behaved but a number of people were taken into police custody for offences ranging from assault and violent disorder to resisting police and drink driving. Two arrests were also made for Breaching an Alcohol Protection Order. All things considered it was a relatively good night and I think people generally had a good time.”

Alice Springs Police apprehended 23 people for protective custody and 7 people were arrested for drink driving after testing 104 drivers. Katherine apprehended 18 people for protective custody and made 6 arrests.

South Australia

New Year’s Eve in South Australia has been marred by arrests for drink, drugs and disorderly behaviour, and a stabbing at Burton which left one man in hospital. Nevertheless, SA police praised overall behaviour

SA Police made 75 arrests, reported 13 people and issued 196 expiation notices.



Tasmania Police has sung the praises of Hobart’s waterfront crowd for their good behaviour on New Year’s Eve.

Just 10 arrests were made, mainly for anti-social behaviour, as Hobart waved in 2016 with a crowd of about 10,000 people mulling around Salamanca and Constitution Dock.



Victoria Police terms New Year’s Eve crowds ‘best behaved’: the number of arrests made across Victoria have been over 30% less than during the last New Year’s Eve.

Uniform and plain clothes police were deployed to cities, towns and coastlines during the new year’s eve celebration to monitor public order and crowd behaviour.

Across Victoria, 126 people were arrested, including 65 for being drunk in a public place.

Western Australia

Western Australian Police praised the behaviour of revellers around the state during the celebrations.

A police spokeswoman said there had been 162 arrests overnight, with 426 charges laid. 

“Overall Western Australians enjoyed a safe and friendly end to 2015 and start to 2016,” WA Police operational commander Alf Fordham said.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>However, paramedics said they were stretched attending assaults and stabbings from midnight onwards.

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