Man Granted Bail After Repeatedly Ramming Police Car and Injuring Officers


A man who repeatedly rammed a marked NSW Police vehicle and then assaulted two officers has been granted bail. Both police officers required medical attention for injuries.

Ian Thomas Lambert, a scaffolder from Pennant Hills was involved in a police pursuit in torrential rain before ramming the police vehicle twice by repeatedly reversing into it.

When the two officers attempted to arrest him he allegedly grabbed one of them around the neck and they were forced to use a baton to subdue him.

The alleged incident happened on Pennant Hills Road, in Sydney’s north west about 12.45am on Wednesday

Lambert did not enter pleas to the seven charges which include Skye’s Law (trying to avoid arrest during a police chase) resisting arrest, two counts of assaulting police and refusing to submit to a breath analysis.

Magistrate Eve Wynhausen said the incident was a “very serious one” but she would grant Lambert bail with $5000 cash surety.

God bless our progressive do-gooding magistrates. Maybe the potential cop killer is just a misunderstood man whose actions were a cry for help?

Enough, we need those people locked up, not free to roam the streets causing harm to civilians and officers.

Source: The Daily Telegraph.

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