Social Media Making It Easier To Commit Stalking Offences, Victoria Police Say

Victoria Police say new technology and social media is making it easier for people to commit stalking offences.

New crime statistics released today revealed stalking and threatening behaviour rose by more than 9 per cent.

“Texts and social media are being used, making it easier for people to harass other people, stalking another person, making threats to kill and using a carriage service to harass others,” Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp said.

“About half of these offences are directly linked to family violence.”

The Crime Statistics Agency report showed there had been a significant increase in the number of bail and intervention order breaches in Victoria, a rise of 20 per cent over 12 months.

There was also a 9.5 per cent increase in family violence, the data showed.

Overall there was a 6 per cent rise in the number of offences reported to police. The crime rate rose by 4 per cent when compared to the state’s population.

However, police said the data also showed more women were confident to report domestic violence.

“With the family violence royal commission, again it’s been front of mind for a lot of people,” Deputy Commissioner Crisp said.

“We know when the report is released early next year, again we would hope to see further reporting.

“We know from talking to various support agencies that there is still significant under-reporting so again we’re going to see further increases.”

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