QPS PD Edge – We Remember

qps pd dog edge

Queensland Police Service police dog and TV star PD Edge suddenly passed overnight on 4th April 2015.

PD Edge, who starred in Channel Nine’s factual program Send in The Dogs in 2011, served as a general police dog with the Brisbane Dog Squad alongside Senior Constable Stuart Ellison.

His exceptional skills were demonstrated on many occasions throughout his five years of service with the QPS, often assisting tactical police, drug squad and Special Emergency Response Team.

The seven-year-old German Sheppard was responsible for tracking a large number of offenders and became well-known amongst other officers for his ability and skill, especially on Brisbane’s Southside.

On Saturday  night, 4th April 2015, while off-duty and enjoying rest over the Easter break, PD Edge was unwell and rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery but could not be saved.

Police dogs and their handlers form an incredible bond, working and living together.

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