Police Dog ‘Diesel’ Killed In Paris Raid Awarded Medal for Bravery

Heroic police dog Diesel, killed in a Paris raid, is to be awarded a medal for gallantry. Credit: PDSA

A heroic police dog killed in the Saint-Denis raids in Paris is to be awarded a top honour for gallantry.

Diesel, a seven-year-old Belgian Malinois, has been NEWSawarded the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals Dickin Medal. It is awarded to animals that have displayed “conspicuous gallantry or devotion to duty.  The award is commonly referred to as “the animals’ Victoria Cross”.

On the 18th of November, Diesel was shot and killed during a raid on an apartment where the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks was staying.

The death of Diesel has highlighted the vital role of assault dogs, potentially saving lives of many police officers. “In a tense situation like this, it was impossible to send a robot”, said Jean-Marc Lenglet, head of the National Training Centre Police Dog units of the National Police (CNFUC). “We had to act immediately. At that time, the only motivation of the dog was to attack. He wanted to detect, locate and neutralize these individuals. ”

Jean-Marc Lenglet said:

Diesel’s handler has been deeply affected by the death of his dog, as have many thousands of well-wishers who sent messages of condolence for Diesel who died in the service of his country

PDSA Director General, Jan McLoughlin, said Diesel was “instrumental in helping the French police locate and deal with the perpetrators.”:

When news emerged of Diesel’s death there was a huge outpouring of grief. As guardians of the world’s most prestigious animal awards programme, we were inundated by messages from members of the public to recognise his heroism.

The PDSA Dickin Medal recognises conspicuous devotion to duty in the theatre of conflict and Diesel is a truly deserving recipient. His gallant actions helped to protect human life in the face of imminent danger and we are very proud to honour him in this way.

The award, introduced by PDSA founder Maria Dickin in 1943 has so far been awarded to 30 dogs (including Diesel), 32 World War Two messenger pigeons, three horses and one cat.

Diesel was formally nominated for the award by The Sun newspaper and the presentation will be made in 2016.

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