NSW Police Post Confronting Safe Driving Message To Social Media

safedrivingThe NSW Police Force has launched a new safe driving campaign for the holiday period, reminding drivers not to drink and drive with a confronting social media post.

Taking to Facebook and Twitter today NSW police shared an image of a police death form.

“DEATH MESSAGE,” the top of the form reads.

The form includes a number of blanks for police to fill out, as a way of notifying an officer they will need to visit a home to inform someone their loved one “has died in a vehicle collision”.

Across the form, in red hand-written lettering, are the words, “Don’t make us fill in the blanks this Xmas”.

The confronting image has already been shared more than 2800 times on Facebook since it was posted two hours ago.

Users were quick to voice how upsetting they found the picture.

“Gives you the chills looking at that,” one person said.

“Drive with care, someone out there really loves to see you every day,” another warned.

Mat Crosso, a police officer, commented below the photo sharing his own experience with users.

“Probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Drive safe people,” he said.

On Twitter a user said they hoped the message hit home with people.

“Let’s hope this confronting message brings some reality to the consequences of poor judgement,” they wrote.

In December 2014 and January this year, 55 people died on NSW roads, according to the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics

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